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Don't Slip Up

Christmas 2018 With eDecks

Christmas Essentials

With Christmas looming over our heads once again, it’s always best to prepare for it early. So we’ve put together a full list of our must-have Christmas items!

Rocksalt for Christmas

Ice and snow are the biggest causes for concern around this time of year. Rocksalt is designed to help prevent these things from becoming a problem, hence why it’s one of our best sellers. A lot of people still use hot water to melt the ice around there house & drive, not knowing that this is one of the main causes of black ice.


These shovels are designed to help move and lay out the Rocksalt. Even if you aren’t prepared to lay down Rocksalt before the snow falls, it’s always best to have a shovel to hand to make sure that you’re never unprepared. Clearing the snow on your drive is always vital during this time of year and these shovels make it remarkably easy to do so!

Grit/Rocksalt Bin

If you were looking for a storage place for the Rocksalt you were potentially going to store, we have the perfect one right here for you. We have different sizes of these bins to fit wherever needed in/outdoors for you.

Whatever you do this Christmas, just make sure that you’re prepared!

Happy Christmas, from the eDecks team.

Bonfire Safety Tips from eDecks

Bonfire Safety Tips from eDecks

Before we get into the safety, we want to know what is your favorite part of Bonfire night? or the lead up to it? Here at eDecks we love

The fireworks themselves – ohhhhhh!!! arghhhhhhh!!!

Hot dogs

Bonfire Toffee


Toffee Apples

Food in general to be honest.

Let us begin the safety tips shall we.

  • Tell your neighbors lets be kind and courteous
  • Only burn dry wood – anything damp will cause smoke.
  • Check for hedgehogs we are a fan of those prickly little critters
  • Look up – yep check there are no cables above where your bonfire is going to be sounds simple but many people forget.
  • Build your bonfire away from your amazing shed, beautiful fencing and awesome decking. And especially your home
  • Keep water or a hose pipe ready to go in case of emergency’s
  • Keep children and pets away from it
  • Don’t leave it unattended
  • Once the fire has died down spray the embers with water to stop it reigniting.

That’s some of the best tips we can offer obviously please check Humberside Fire for more details and important contact phone numbers (or your region if not in Humberside) as we can only advise.

From all of us at             have a safe and fun bonfire night



Happy Halloween

Its Halloween weekend, we hope all our customers have a great and safe Halloween.

Here are some Halloween safety tips to keep your decking spookily awesome  oh and have you seen our autumn maintenance guide?

Firstly, do not put your pumpkins on your decking surface. Pumpkins will rot and sometimes faster than you think causing damage to that area of your decking. The moisture and rotting flesh (nice) will not make your decking happy one bit.

So maybe pop a plate under it or if your wanting to keep the aesthetics of your decking we sell samples of decking which would make the perfect platform for now and future use.

On the subject of pumpkins the other reason to put them on a surface that is not your decking and is not flammable – candles! Yes, we all love the lit up look of our spooky creations but even tea lights get very hot reaching 100 degrees on the metal bottom and can scorch your decking or worse if it catches.

Finally keep all kids, cats, dogs and ghostly friends away candles. This is standard we only want you to be safe, If you are worried invest in some battery operated ones.

Lastly have some sweets, eat some pumpkin pie and enjoy your Halloween festivities.

Happy Halloween from us all at eDecks.


Note: Please dispose of your pumpkin in your recycle bin or alternatively It makes great compost.


Autumn Maintenance Guide

Well it is that time of year again not quite Christmas but definitely a chill in the air and we already have rock salt stocked and ready to go. The leaves are starting to fall and well, land on your lovely decking that you have enjoyed so much this year.

We have had a lovely summer this year; you will have enjoyed plenty of pool days, BBQ’s and lounging around. We can imagine you are not ready to retire your decking just yet.

Autumn Leaves

Here is an autumn maintenance guide to keep your decking top notch ready for winter and next year’s scorcher (fingers crossed).

Let’s start with the leaves we mentioned yes the reds, oranges and yellow colours do make this season magic (it’s a firm favourite with some)  but do not leave the leafs, they will cause havoc with your decking. They retain moisture once wet, moisture plus cold will lead to ice and Icey leaves can be a major hazard. You can try adding these Anti slip-decking strips for added safety.

Cleaning the leaves up early will also, help in the long run as once they start to break down you will have an extra layer of dirt to contend with. So get the blower or brush out and get them shifted.

Next, you will want to prune any overhanging bushes, trees and shrubs, this not only will help with the life of your decking it will also keep it safe and tidy for you to enjoy for a few more months. In addition, if you are a keen gardener this helps keeps your plants healthy (a tip from our green team in the office)
Once you have cleaned off the leaves and removed any furniture take a good look at the decking, is there any mildew forming, dirt or grime. Get the hose on it and clean it like you mean it. Once it’s done it’s done, maybe even something extra to not only clean but also revive from Ronseal. This item opens the pores of the wood allowing maximum adhesion of coatings for a lasting finish.


Now sit back enjoy your hard work and have a safe autumn admiring your hard work.

Using Rock Salt to Protect Your Home This Winter

Today we are going to be taking a look at how to protect your home using Rock Salt. With temperatures already at freezing point, there are a number of ways we can prepare for cold weather, and today we are going to take a look at different precautions to take in order to protect ourselves and our homes.


  • Keep a supply of Rock Salt handy
  • Keep a Shovel nearby to assist in clearing pathways
  • Never use boiling water to melt snow and ice – this can turn into dangerous black ice
  • Pay particular attention to de-icing steps, decking and slopes
  • Ensure you have a good sweeping brush to hand to brush away large quantities of water to prevent it freezing and forming patches of dangerous ice

Snow and ice can cause a multitude of problems around your home and garden, so it is worthwhile taking the time and effort to put procedures in place to ensure you don’t get problems later on. Be sure to take note of our hints and tips to protect your home against snow and ice, keeping yourself and your family safe this Winter.

Gutters & Downpipes

Anywhere that water isn’t able to flow freely can be a problem in colder weather, as still water ends up freezing which can cause blockages. Make sure that you check that all of your gutters are flowing well, and keep checking every couple of weeks for fallen leaves and other debris. One product which will help to ensure gutters and downpipes are kept clear are Porcupine Gutter Brushes, these sit neatly in gutters and let water flow through without other debris getting stuck, or the build-up of ice.

It is also important to bare in mind that any bathroom pipes which run outside your home can also become blocked with ice. Check for any sections that look flat, or where water or ice may get stuck. If you don’t want to change the pipes, then insulate the flat section to prevent it from freezing, as otherwise this could cause internal problems.

Patios & Driveways

Before the weather turns too bad, ensure you get your patio, decking and driveway cleaned now, as wet and algae can be a bad combination and ice can make it worse. Options include, using an anti-algae cleaner, such as the Ronseal Decking Cleaner & Reviver, and a pressure hose to safely clean those areas so that even when the weather is wet or damp, you will still be able to walk on them. It is also worth investing in a supply of de-icing salt or rock salt, and even keep some inside if possible. If you’re expecting frost, then simply sprinkle a little over pathways, steps and driveways the night before to stop them from freezing, and if you forget, or the ice is unexpected, then you still have some inside to use in the morning.

Rock Salt

Rock Salt is perfect for keeping pathways, steps, and driveways clear from ice and by spreading Rock Salt you can quickly diminish the chance of accidents occurring in the areas surrounding your home. If you have a large area to cover, then a Rock Salt Spreader is ideal for use on footpaths, small car parks and school grounds. They have a fair-sized capacity and a handle bar mounted adjustable flow control to help you achieve a wide spreading throw, and with their pneumatic wheels, it makes for easy use over rough ground and icy surfaces.

Rock Salt is an effective way to thaw ice, and can be used in areas where ice might occur in the garden and build up. By sprinkling Rock Salt over these areas, it will melt the top layer of the ice so that it can easily be chipped away and removed. Businesses and schools will also hugely benefit from using Rock Salt, as it can help to make entrances both accessible and danger-free for its users. Rock Salt usage is an essential way of keeping mobility going during the winter, and by taking care of your premises, you are also taking care of customers, friends, neighbours and family, especially vulnerable adults and children.

So, how does it work? Rock Salt works by lowering the melting/freezing point of water and is often formed when sea water evaporates. It is a natural mineral and so it will never go out of date or lose its ability to function, which makes it easy to store for as long as you need to. To avoid lumpy rock salt, be sure to store it indoors, or in a Rock Salt Bin, which can keep the product safe and away from children. Unlike some de-icing liquids, Rock Salt won’t leak or damage furniture or other products stored nearby.

Buying Rock Salt is reasonably priced compared to other de-icing products and it can be bought in bulk bags or in smaller bags, allowing you to cater to your personal needs. It is often worthwhile, and cheaper, to buy Rock Salt in bulk bags, in the event of running out during particularly bad weather. You could even share the cost of a bulk bag with a neighbour – sharing’s caring! When Rock Salt is sprinkled onto the ground it produces a natural grip under foot compared to other de-icing products which can cause the ground to be slippery and unsafe. Once applied, it begins to reduce the temperature of the ice so that it melts rapidly, making steps, pavements and driveways much safer for all.