Which roofing sheet is the best: The complete guide to roofing sheets

So your project needs roofing sheets – but which type of roofing sheet is best? Whether you want the most budget-friendly, the most durable or aesthetically pleasing, here at eRoofs, you’re bound to find the perfect roofing sheets for your project – and at an incredibly low price.

In this guide we’re going to breakdown the three most popular types of roofing sheets and go into why you might want to choose them for your project.

The most popular roofing sheet types

Bitumen Roofing Sheets

Bitumen roofing sheets are the most affordable option of any roofing sheet. But don’t think that because it’s cheaper that it’s not as good as other products – with proper care and installation, bitumen can last for decades and can be more hardwearing than more expensive products.

Unlike some cheap PVC sheets, bitumen is unlikely to crack under pressure but is, however, more prone to small tears than PVC.  It can offer a low level of insulation and help to absorb heat if you choose a dark or black roofing colour.

Bitumen is available in a wide range of colours and, if you’re not keen on a simple “rolled on” look for your roof, it even comes in a corrugated roof sheet or tile look. Installation is incredibly simple and can be done by most DIYers; bitumen can also be cut to size which makes it perfect for awkward shapes.


  • Variety of colours & styles
  • Most affordable option
  • Easy to install
  • Can easily be cut to awkward shapes if needed
  • Can last for decades
  • Unlikely to form large cracks
  • Dark colours offer a small amount of insulation


  • Can tear in extremes
  • No light transmission

You can find great deals on bitumen roofing sheets here.

PVC Roofing Sheets

If your project requires light indoors, PVC could be the perfect option for you. It’s still very affordable but allows light through while being weatherproof. It’s scratch resistant and is pretty good at resisting impact. It might not be the best option if you need a good amount of insulation as you won’t be able to add insulation below it (or not without blocking out the light!) but for most projects where you might need light, such as a carport or greenhouse, it’s the perfect roofing sheet choice.

Vistalux PVC is a particularly good option, offering extra fire resistance and a warranty of 10 years. It’s very lightweight and easy to install so DIYers will often pick PVC for roof lights, canopies, lean-tos and more. Like bitumen, PVC is relatively simple to cut to size which makes installation even more straightforward.

Vistalux comes in 3 different thicknesses – 0.8mm, 1.1mm and 1.3mm with the thickest option being most hardwearing.


  • Cheap to buy
  • Lets in light like a window – fully transparent
  • Easy to install
  • Can also be easily cut to size
  • Weatherproof
  • Vistalux warranty for 10 Years
  • Comes in a variety of thicknesses
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Fire resistant


  • Can crack if impacted badly
  • No insulating properties

You can find great deals on PVC roofing sheets here.

Metal Roofing Sheets

Metal is likely the most hardwearing option, so if your project is likely to be affected by extreme weather conditions, this could be your best option. Although slightly more expensive than PVC or bitumen, metal should be longer-lasting and comes in a range of coatings to suit your project. 

The coatings on offer usually prevent water damage/rust as well as reducing the likelihood of unsightly algae to grow on the roof. Like bitumen roofing, you can get a variety of colours and even tiles if you’re unsure about the roofing sheet look.

Metal roofing may be one of the noisiest options; however, if you choose a variety with an insulation sheet, this will not only make it the quietest roofing sheet option, but also the one with the best insulating properties.

Warm, quiet and longest-lasting – sounds perfect right?

Do bear in mind though that unlike PVC and bitumen, metal roofing sheets are a little more difficult to cut to size if you have an awkward shape to deal with. But certainly not impossible – check out how you can cut metal roof sheets here.


  • Most hardwearing option
  • Won’t crack or tear
  • Longest lasting
  • With coatings, unlikely to rust or grow algae
  • Variety of colour options
  • Can be bought with insulation, which is the best possible insulating and soundproof option of all three types


  • Can be a little harder to install – not as easy to cut as PVC or bitumen
  • If you don’t get an insulating layer can be noisy
  • Can be more expensive than the other two options

You can find great deals on metal roofing sheets here.

Need More Help Choosing Your Roofing Materials?

Check out any of the following roofing articles for more information on which might be the best option for you. If you’re still unsure, feel free to speak directly with one of the eRoof advisors who are often available on the eRoofs website directly on online chat, or you can call or email via our contact page here.

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Last, but not least, If you’re looking for any of the above options for your roof, eRoofs doesn’t just offer incredible prices on all roofing materials, but they also offer:

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The Complete Guide to Pergolas: All Your Questions Answered

This month we’re getting involved in everything ‘Pergola’ – why should you get a pergola? What are they used for? Where can you buy them? Are they hard to install?

Well, sit tight because today we’re bringing you all the answers to your questions on pergolas!

What is a pergola for?

Pergolas are beautiful garden structures, sometimes found on decking, sometimes patios and sometimes are built directly onto a lawn.

They are great for:

  • Providing shade and a little protection from the elements
  • Adding an elegant design feature to your garden that attracts the eye
  • Creating a more relaxing dining or reading space
  • Providing a frame for vining plants to grow over (we love Honeysuckle and Wisteria which provide extra shade and smell wonderful)
  • Creating a car port with a bit of protection
  • Adding a pergola walkway as a feature
  • Adding extra privacy to your outdoor space – especially great for hot tubs!
  • Creating a structure for lights, heaters or fans to be added so you can enjoy your space for longer on hot or cold evenings

Sound great? We think so too!

Why buy a pergola?

Alongside all the great benefits listed above that pergolas offer, they are an excellent investment if you ultimately want to spend more time in your outside space. Most people would agree that they look attractive and if you create an inviting space underneath (with a deck or patio and furniture) you will find that your outdoor space starts to feel like more of an extension of your home.

Not only can you add creature comforts to make your garden more enjoyable – such as heaters, fans and lights – it can even increase the saleability of your home by making your garden a bit more inviting than your neighbours.

It’s also a surprisingly affordable upgrade (they start at just £89!).

Which way should my pergola face?

If you want your pergola to offer maximum shade for the majority of the day, we would recommend running the rafters from north to south. Other than midday, when the sun is directly overhead, this should offer the most shade for the longest parts of the day.

If you’re placing your pergola next to your home, bear in mind where your windows are; a pergola will likely shade any window below it from the sun for at least part of the day. If you prefer to bring more light into your room, it might be a better idea to go for a smaller pergola that doesn’t cover your window or to buy one that primarily opens out onto the garden rather extending too far along the side of your house.

Consider the direction the sun travels over your home during the day and whether facing the rafters a different way may offer less or more shade.

If you’d like extra protection from the elements, you can also consider building your pergola closer to trees or fences – which offer extra privacy as a bonus too.

You can also attach a hessian coverto the pergola for a bit more natural protection the sun and very light showers – with the added benefit that they look great too!

What are my design options with a pergola?

There are several options when it comes to the pergola designs – from modern to rustic, and straight, curves or angles, so you are bound to find one that suits your style.

There are even beautiful circular flower walks or shaded car ports– they have an incredible amount of design functions and looks.

Should I buy a pergola kit or custom build?

If you custom build a pergola you have the freedom to draw out your plans and design your pergola exactly as you want. The only major drawback is the planning and difficulty – if you’re a particularly keen DIYer though, it’s certainly not the hardest home project.

If you’re not the handiest however, but you have a really specific idea in mind, you can always call in a contractor to offer some help.

(PRO Tip: Remember that sourcing your own materials can save you a lot of money on any quote – ask your contractor and see if this is an option).

Often the most popular option is to buy a kit – they’re ready to go, they come with everything you need (except tools!) and have already been cut and measured out for you. Not only do they come in a variety of designs, you can even get them complete with decking and fencing if you like!

How much do pergolas cost?

Pergolas vary a lot in price depending on what you’re looking for – from basic kits that start at £89, up to larger kits with decking and handrails that start at £312, pergolas certainly don’t have to break the bank.

There are large kits that can run up to £1000+, but it very much depends on the features you would like and size of pergola.

If you’re building a pergola from scratch, rafters start at £7.59 per metre and posts from £10.24 per metre.

Want to get the best deal your new pergola?

Whether you’ve decided to go with a basic pergola, or one that comes with decking and fencing, you could get the very best deal on pergola kits and pergola building materials right here at eDecks.

We also offer plenty of support and expert advice for most pergola installation projects – and definitely any products we sell online. Contact eDecks here for personalised advice for your artificial grass project today.

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PLEASE NOTE: Prices were all correct at time of writing, current pricing available at eDecks.co.uk

Fake Grass vs Real Grass: Which is better?

Fake grass (aka artificial grass) is fast becoming a popular option for both front and back gardens in the UK. In this article, we’re going to explore which is better – fake grass or real?

Fake grass was originally engineered to replace real turf for use in sports, and as such, boasts major features that real grass can’t:

  • no maintenance
  • no reseeding
  • no need for irrigation
  • no mending muddy patches
  • no lawn mowing
  • very hardwearing
  • looks bright and green all year long

Fake Grass vs Real Grass Aesthetics

In the beginning, it remained only popularly used on sports pitches, likely because it was an expensive new technology and didn’t quite have the same aesthetic as a ‘real lawn’ can give you. However, in recent years artificial grass has become more “lifelike” in the way it looks and as such has become far more popularly used in gardens.

New designs mean that rather than a single green colour throughout the grass, they now come with multi-tonal blade colour options which mimic real grass astonishingly well. They also come with different ‘pile lengths’ so you can have a short, “freshly cut” look lawn or a longer, “natural look” lawn.

You can now be extra picky with the exact colour lawn you’d like for your garden too, rather than worrying about which grass type might grow well in a particular part of your garden. With free artificial grass samples, you don’t have to guess from a photo online either – you can really see the colours in situ before you buy.

Because artificial grass now has so many great looking options, it is fast replacing real grass in popularity – it looks neat, never has patches, gets boggy or full of weeds.

You might even have some neighbours with an artificial lawn already and not realise it!

Fake Grass vs Real Grass Care

A huge reason people now opt for fake grass is simply low maintenance.

You can throw away your lawn mower, stop worrying about watering your lawn and fixing patches and simply enjoy your beautiful, perfectly green garden 365 days a year.

As you may well know, upkeep of a real lawn can be a nightmare – you can get weeds, your lawn can dry out and die (often in patches), you may need to reseed areas (especially if you own pets) and if you live in an area where there’s not quite enough sun, or too much water, you can face a whole host of problems with grass dying back and muddy patches left in their place. Fake grass simply takes away all the hassle and leaves you with a great looking, clean lawn.

Fake Grass vs Real Grass Use

Some people prefer the feel of real grass but, surprisingly, fake grass can actually be the softer option. It’s manufactured using a similar method to carpeting and the different thread types make it very soft underfoot.

If you’d like a luxury extra, you can even get a soft, bouncy underlay which makes your grass feel incredible to walk on. Most artificial grasses already come designed with some lower ‘brown’ threads that mimic the softness of grass really well, so the underlay isn’t entirely necessary – but it does feel great!

Although fake grass doesn’t have that freshly cut grass scent, it is kinder to hayfever sufferers which means everyone can lay out on the lawn without coming up in a rash.

Artificial grass boasts excellent drainage too so if you have pets it’s the perfect option. If you love your house to be spotless you can even wash your fake grass if you like!

As it was initially created for use with sports, fake grass often stands up better to hard wear and tear than a natural lawn, so if you use yours for sports, or have kids playing on it a lot, it might be your best chance at keeping a beautiful lawn year-round.

Overall, we think artificial grass is the best option – it is far more economical in the long run, with much less maintenance and, let’s face it, zero stress. The only thing fake grass can’t give you is that freshly cut grass smell – but we certainly feel never having to mow, patch or water again far outweighs that drawback!

Which artificial grass should you buy?

If you’ve got your heart set on a new fake grass lawn, you’ll be glad to know there are many options you can choose from. However, if you find that the options become a bit overwhelming, you can get some quick tips and guidance before you buy with our guide to help you choose which artificial grass is right for you.

Want to get the best deal on artificial grass?

Whether you’ve decided to go with a soft, natural-look long pile grass or a short, hardwearing nylon version, you could get the very best deal on artificial grasses online right here at eDecks – we offer artificial grass starting from just £5.16 per square metre**.

We also offer plenty of support and expert advice for most artificial grass installation projects – and any products we sell online. Contact eDecks here for personalised advice for your artificial grass project today.

At eDecks you can not only expect a good deal but also:

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48 hour delivery on many products

Handy FREE installation guides (and even instructional videos!)

*Free delivery applies to most of the UK, but some areas may incur a charge, unfortunately – please check the eDecks website for more details.

**Prices all correct at time of writing

How To Choose The BEST Artificial Grass For Your Garden

So you’re thinking about getting artificial grass for your lawn? They are an excellent investment – no more mowing, no more sneezing and they always look beautiful.

But how do you pick the right one?

There’s a minefield of “pile lengths”, weights, colours – not to mention prices – staring you in the face and it can feel like stepping into the unknown.

Don’t panic – we’re here to help.

In this guide, we’ll go through your artificial grass options, why they matter and the pros and cons of each. You’ll walk away feeling confident in your choice and (hopefully) avoid the despair of staring at your new lawn with buyers regret.

What do I need to think about when I’m looking at artificial grass?

There are a number of things to consider when you’re looking for artificial grasses, so firstly we’re going to go through the top questions you should be asking yourself before you buy.

What kind of furniture, if any, will be used on the area?

If you’re going to be putting anything on your grass that’s going to weigh it down, remember that it could permanently cause pressure marks. Shorter synthetic grass stands the best chance of bouncing back from heavy pressure if you think you’re going to have lots of furniture on your grass.

Do you have pets that will use the grass?

Some artificial grasses have more drainage holes than others, so it’s good to look out for either grass marked as ‘pet-friendly’ or ones that feature ‘good drainage’ if your pets are likely to use the lawn to go to the toilet. You can also purchase special infills to go under the grass that help clear the ammonia faster, or you can use grit sand under the grass to help with drainage.

Will the grass be used for lying on or sunbathing?

If you want to use the area to lie down on, you’re much more likely to want a soft grass. We’d recommend a longer pile grass, at least 20mm and we’d recommend ordering a free sample so you can touch the grass yourself before you buy.

What borders the area?

For artificial grass to look good when it’s installed, it’s really important that you achieve ‘clean lines’. If you have a flower bed edge or a tree near the edges of where you’d like the lawn to go, it’s a good idea before installing the grass to install a border or edging around these areas. You don’t have to, but adding a clean edging can really help you get the final aesthetic perfect, and help make installation easier, even when the edge isn’t straight.

What exactly is artificial grass pile?

Grass pile refers to the height of the grass; but beware that some places refer to the height including the backing, whereas others refer to the height of the grass strand from the backing upwards.

Longer piles, around 30mm to 40mm+, will generally have a more natural look whereas grass around 20mm will look more like freshly cut grass. Before you buy any artificial grass, we highly recommend that you get grass samples (they’re often free of charge) so that you can view them in situ, to see the overall affect of the colour, pile and density.

Should I care about density and weight?

The density of the grass refers to the number of strands that are sewn into the backing. A lower density is usually more suited to a lower traffic area, however, the critical difference is often the angle you’re looking at it.

If you’re likely to view your grass from a balcony, it may be wiser to invest in a higher density grass so it looks great from above because lower density grass can look a bit sparse when viewed from the top. If you’re not going to be viewing it from above, or don’t mind as much, a lower density grass might be a great way to save money.

The weight of your grass shouldn’t normally affect your decision; however it is something to think about carefully if you’re installing the grass on any sort of structure, or on a balcony for example, as the building needs to be able to hold the new grass weight comfortably.

How should I choose the colour?

The colour of your grass is, of course, personal preference.

However, we would highly recommend getting samples of your potential grass and viewing them in your garden if at all possible. It will give you the chance to view your chosen colour against the backdrop of the other plants and features of your garden as well as seeing it in real daylight.

Remember, grasses may look a very different on a shop floor under fluorescent light, or on your computer screen, than in your garden in the sun.

How much should I buy?

Once you’ve measured the area you’re going to install the grass into, you can calculate the square meterage that you’ll need right here (unless your area is a particularly complex space or funny shape). If your chosen area isn’t rectangular and is made up of various shapes, try to break down the area into 2m wide spaces if you can, and allow a decent overlap – at least 10cm – over the borders.

Most artificial grasses are manufactured in widths of 2m and 4m, so this should help you find out the number and length of rolls you may need.

You don’t want to have to buy your grass rolls separately if you can avoid it – although manufacturers try their best to ensure colours are as close as possible, similar to fabrics, each time the grass is manufactured there can be slight differences in colour depending on the batch.

Although this shouldn’t be too obvious, it could stand out if you have one small area that happens to look a slightly different shade of green than the rest.

Where to buy artificial grass?

You can buy artificial grass in DIY stores, although they often don’t have much variety on offer because they’re such a large item to stock, so it’s usually preferable to look online.

The big advantage to buying online is that you can order multiple samples (from the comfort of your sofa) as well as having the heavy rolls delivered straight to your door.

It’s often cheaper too!

Want to get the best deal on artificial grass?

Whether you’ve decided to go with a soft, natural-look long pile grass or a short, hardwearing nylon version, you could get the very best deal on artificial grasses online right here at eDecks – we offer artificial grass starting from just £5.16 per square metre.

We also offer plenty of support and expert advice for most artificial grass installation projects – and definitely any products we sell online. Contact eDecks here for personalised advice for your artificial grass project today.

At eDecks you can not only expect a good deal but also:

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*Free delivery applies to most of the UK, but some areas may incur a charge, unfortunately – please check the eDecks website for more details.

**Prices all correct at time of writing

8 Cheap Garden Makeover Projects You Can do THIS Weekend

Looking to spruce up your garden this summer? Here are some garden makeover ideas you’re bound to love – big and small – that you can do this weekend to make a big impact!

Update your lawn with artificial grass

If you’re getting frustrated with looking after your lawn, the best kind of garden makeover might just be replacing it. Artificial grass has come a long way in the past few years and is a great way to get a beautiful lawn without the headaches. No more mowing. No more watering. No more patching. No more weeding. No more draining. No more mud. No more hayfever. No more stress!

Just a beautiful, neat, photo-worthy lawn 365 days a year.

And you can get artificial grass from just £4.94 per square metre. It’s incredibly simple to install – you could be enjoying your lovely new lawn in time for your weekend barbeque!

Check out everything you need for your artificial lawn right here.

Paint your fence a new colour

Fancy a change but don’t want to break your back? Painting your fence might be the perfect way to bring a brand new lease of life to your garden.

Whether you choose a bold colour, like slate grey or sage green, or just a simple wood stain, a new colour border around your garden could be just the makeover your garden needs. It might be even easier to repaint than you think with a Ronseal Fence Sprayer – so you really won’t need to break your back over it!

Check out affordable fence paints right here.

Build some neat garden planters

Want to bring some beautiful colour to your garden but don’t want to intrude on your lawn? Why not add a few neat planters to your space?

Wood planters look especially beautiful, tying in with most gardens, you can even paint or stain them to work in harmony with your fence or decking colour scheme.

They don’t take long to build, are incredibly handy if you like a change because you can move them around your garden until you find the perfect spot and are super low maintenance.

Check out some beautiful garden planters right here.

Create some beautiful borders

A super easy garden makeover is adding some beautiful new borders to sections of your garden. Making clean lines in between distinct areas, like paths, flower beds, lawns and decked areas can be the perfect way to make a serious impact in your outdoor space.

You can use line blocks or a chalk reel line to ensure a super straight edge when you dig out the border, or for the perfect curved border, you can lay out your current hosepipe in the curve you want and mark it with chalk powder.

You can create a planting border along any edge in your space or make a simple border with wood lawn edging, bricks or even natural stone, depending on the aesthetic you’d like to go for.

Build a spot for climbing plants

If you love the look of climbing plants like wisteria or ivy, you can create a beautiful natural focal point in your garden by adding a simple trellis for these stunning plants – whether it’s in a corner, on one wall or to top your entire fence.

If you’d like to create something that really stands out, you could try either a pergola or a garden arch – either of which can be used for climbing plants and can cover seating so you can enjoy your garden under the shade and scent of your fresh flowers on hot summer days.

If you have a large garden, you can make a serious statement with a walkway pergola – which isn’t as hard to install as you might think, and can be a breath-taking addition to any garden.

Build a firepit

Once the sun goes down, your barbeque doesn’t have to end. You can bring your garden back to life with a firepit!

It’s easier than you might think – you can make a simple above ground fire pit by digging up the grass in the area you’d like the pit to be, creating a small brick wall surround and just ensuring you line the bottom with a good fire pit filler – whether it’s fireproof bricks, a steel bottom or crushed lava rock.

If you’d prefer to dig the firepit into the ground you can easily do this too – and it makes a great spot for sitting around on a summers evening.

If you’d like to add more light to your garden for the evenings you could even try adding lighting to your deck – which we had to mention since we are eDecks after all!

Install an easy deck

Decking doesn’t have to be expensive – you can get an entire decking kit for £79.99 right now at eDecks – but they really can transform your garden. No more muddy feet, just beautiful wood decking, which looks incredible on nearly any home.

Most decks are reasonably simple to install too – but the fastest and likely easiest options are decking tiles or a decking kit.

Decking tiles interlock and can give you a beautiful deck with little hassle, even for the amateur DIYer. Decking kits can come cut to size, with pergolas, rope or wood railings and are one of the simplest ways to add a deck to your garden with little hassle.

A beautiful deck can even be a great selling point for your home if you’re looking to get your house on the market.

Build a new shed

If you don’t have one, or yours is looking worse for wear, why not build a new shed? It might be the most advanced garden makeover project on this list, but it could have the biggest payoff – and might be more affordable than you think.

You can get everything you need for your new shed right here at a great price – and really let your imagination run wild because we have all the raw materials you could want!

Want to get the best deal on garden makeover supplies?

Whether you’ve decided to get some new artificial grass, put in a simple border or go all out and build a brand new deck in your garden, you could get the very best deal on garden makeover supplies online right here at eDecks.

We also offer plenty of support and expert advice for most garden projects – and definitely any products we sell online. Contact eDecks here for personalised advice for your garden makeover project today.

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ONLY FSC certified sustainable wood products

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Incredible prices on composite decking (and frequent big discounts!)

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**Prices all correct at time of writing