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Sheds: The Benefits of Building Your Own

It has now become more popular than ever to build your own shed, and believe it or not, it is much easier than you may imagine. Today we are going to be taking a look at how to choose the best materials and the right tools to create your very own dream shed.

Sheds are no longer seen as a garden essential, and with the amount of materials now available, you can make your shed into a garden feature. With the World Cup coming up, you may want to add an outside bar to your garden, a shelter for hot tubs, or even a play house for your little munchkins, as well as having somewhere to store all of your tools.

There are so many options available, that it doesn’t need to cost a fortune to build your own shed, and by using certain timber treatments such as Ronseal or Cuprinol paints, you can really go to town with your colours, creating a look that costs way less than it appears to. Let’s take a look at the materials and tools needed to create your dream shed.

It is worth remembering that poor quality timber, fixings and foundations will lead to a poorly finished product, and here at eDecks we strive to achieve quality at an affordable price. To build your own shed, you should be looking at opting for the following basics;

When choosing timber for your shed, opt for high quality, long lasting products that will weather well and keep your lawnmower and tools safe from bad weather. Our garden shed materials are available individually or together in a kit, and our sales team can advise you on which option would be best for you.

To give your shed a professional finish, it is important to use professional tools and safety equipment – we recommend heavy duty gloves, eye goggles and protective clothing. You will then need a ladder, a spirit level to ensure a sturdy structure, tape measure, power drill and a claw hammer. You can also use shed felt and a sealant gun if you are planning on insulating your shed to further protect it from the elements.

Shed Felt

Basic Steps to Building a Shed:

  • Laying the base and foundation – you’ll need treated wooden shed beams and a concrete base
  • Assembling the shed floor
  • Raising the walls into place
  • Fitting the roof
  • Fixing the windows (if you decide to include any)
  • Fixing the walls to the floor

There are numerous free plans and designs available online to help you find something that suits your garden’s style. To help you decide whether you are wanting to build your own shed or buy one already made, we have come up with some of the benefits to building your own;

  • Due to a vast range of products, you can create any shape or size you require
  • It can be made light, medium or heavy duty
  • You can create a whole range of different shapes
  • Doors and windows can be sized and located how you wish
  • Add-on features can be customised inside and outside
  • It can be made as cost-effective as suits your budget
  • Building your own helps you to make your shed as strong or lightweight as you need

To finish with, we have a wide variety of timber treatments available, including a rainbow of paints from trusted companies such as Cuprinol and Ronseal, to really give a personalised touch to your brand new garden feature.

eDecks offers some of the best deals on shed building materials around, including all of the supplies and tools you may need. Not only do we provide plenty of unbeatable deals but also:

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bitumen onduline

Bitumen Roofing Sheets: Taking a Look at Their Benefits

With Winter just around the corner, it is important to ensure your roofing is safe and secure. One of our most popular roofing products are Bitumen sheets, which are a great long-lasting roofing option and can be modified to suit your needs.

Modified bitumen is a type of asphalt product which can be fitted on to the roof in a variety of ways, in both hot and cold temperatures. They are seen as the modern-day alternative to the built-up roof and today we will be taking a look at advantages of Bitumen Roofing Sheets.

As mentioned, there are several advantages to using Bitumen Roofing Sheets on your home or building and unlike more recent types of roofing, it already has a proven track record of being reliable and sturdy and Bitumen Roofing Sheets are known to last 20 years or longer.

Durability – Bitumen Roofing Sheets have a high-tensile strength, making them unlikely to develop cracks which may often appear in other flat and membrane roofs. Bitumen Roofing Sheets are also a good protectant against elements such as wind, fire and hail and are therefore unlikely to be damaged in the event of a storm and such like.

With all things in life, there are of course some drawbacks to Bitumen Roofing Sheets, however it is all about finding the product that best suits your needs. Black Bitumen Roofing Sheets do tend to absorb rather than reflect heat, and even though the roofing sheets themselves may not be heat or UV Ray damaged, if proper insulation is not used with it, the heat absorption can lead to overheating the building of which it is protecting.

The cost of Bitumen Roofing Sheets can be quite costly, however eDecks keep very competitive prices and will help you to conclude the amount of sheets and accessories you will need. You may also need to purchase granules which help protect the roof from the sun, and without including them as part of the installation process, the roof can become damaged, or again the building may overheat.

bitumen carport

Bitumen Roofing Sheets are one of the most durable and secure roofing options available when applied and installed correctly. They may be quite costly to begin with, but will far outlast a competitive product and will keep your building safe and protected.

If you feel you need more of an insight into Bitumen Roofing Sheets, or would like to learn more about installation techniques, then please find our installation guides online here for plenty of free advice – it is often easier than you first think!

eDecks offers some of the best deals on Bitumen Roofing Sheets around, including all of the installation supplies and tools you may need. Not only do we provide plenty of unbeatable deals but also:

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Handy FREE installation guides and instructional videos

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Galvanised Roofing Sheets: An Introduction

galvanised 1

Galvanised roofing sheets are a simple and speedy fix, offering enough flexibility to cover projects of all levels, such as a DIY project to a much larger commercial job. They have the capacity to cover large areas dependent on the size selected and are often chosen due to their protective attributes and lightweight properties. From a cosmetic point of view, galvanised roofing sheets offer something more traditional and are considered to be very cost effective.

A galvanised roofing sheet is steel that has been formed into a flat panel of sheet and is commonly referred to as steel sheet metal, which has undergone the galvanisation process in order to prevent corrosion. The galvanisation process is completed by the steel sheet undergoing a chemical process which increases resistance to corroding over the years. This process also makes the steel much stronger and more dependable.

Key Benefits:

  • Even in rural and harsh conditions, galvanised roofing sheets have a life expectancy which is much longer than sheets which have not been treated for protection against corrosion. This makes it a better option because it reduces how often the materials will need to be replaced.
  • Galvanised roofing sheets are a sustainable and recyclable product and because it has been treated with a zinc coating, galvanised roofing sheets will last longer, ensuring a lower impact on the environment. The material can also be reused if its properties have not had too much use over time.
  • Reliability is a key benefit when it comes to galvanised roofing sheets, and how the product will react throughout its lifespan is easily predicted and presents very few products over time. Galvanised roofing sheets are also renowned for their strength as it can hold its weight when implanted in structural applications.
  • Another advantage of galvanised roofing sheets is that due to the longevity of them, they are almost always the most cost-effective material. More often than not, galvanised steel is cheaper upfront than other methods of treatment and even if the initial cost is more, the long-term costs will be much lower because of how long they last and how little maintenance they require.

To ensure your galvanised roofing sheets are securely fastened down, we highly recommend Spring Head Nails, which are the perfect fit with an extra-large head to distribute the load directly underneath the top of the nail. Spring Head Nails have a twisted shank for increased holding power and absorb movement when expanding and contracting in varying climates and ensure your roofing stays firm and secure and come complete with PVC dowty washers.

galvanised 2

There are two types of galvanised roofing sheets, and starting with Box Profile Sheets, these are economic sheets in a robust, rigid profile design that offer high strength and are available in multiple lengths. Box Profile Sheets are suitable for industrial, agricultural, commercial and domestic roofing and cladding, and can be used as single skin sheeting, over clad of an existing roof or part of a built-up insulated area. They are lightweight, fast and easy to fit, and are the perfect product to be used on walls and roofs. Box Profile Sheets are made using seven rigid profiles of 166mm pitch across the sheet width and 34mm profile height ensuring maximum strength. You will find that they have a wider coated steel strip which gives a secure weatherproof lap, and are a modern alternative to traditional, corrugated roof sheets, often being favoured for domestic properties.

Whereas Corrugated Roof Sheets give a more traditional look compared to Box Profile Sheets and have been around for many, many years. Their popularity often occurs due to their ability to be cut to length, making them a quick and easy roofing solution. Corrugated Roofing Sheets are available in a variety of colours and finishes enabling you to personalise your roofing, whether it be in a domestic, industrial or agricultural setting.

Here at eDecks we have a broad range of sheet sizes which have been manufactured to a very high standard which gives you, the customer, great value for money and longevity in demanding seasonal environments. Be sure to check out our Galvanised Roofing Sheets here.

eDecks offers some of the best deals on Galvanised Roofing Sheets around, including all of the installation supplies and tools you may need. Not only do we provide plenty of unbeatable deals but also:

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Handy FREE installation guides and instructional videos

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grit salt

Using Rock Salt to Protect Your Home This Winter

Today we are going to be taking a look at how to protect your home using Rock Salt. With temperatures already at freezing point, there are a number of ways we can prepare for cold weather, and today we are going to take a look at different precautions to take in order to protect ourselves and our homes.


  • Keep a supply of Rock Salt handy
  • Keep a Shovel nearby to assist in clearing pathways
  • Never use boiling water to melt snow and ice – this can turn into dangerous black ice
  • Pay particular attention to de-icing steps, decking and slopes
  • Ensure you have a good sweeping brush to hand to brush away large quantities of water to prevent it freezing and forming patches of dangerous ice

Snow and ice can cause a multitude of problems around your home and garden, so it is worthwhile taking the time and effort to put procedures in place to ensure you don’t get problems later on. Be sure to take note of our hints and tips to protect your home against snow and ice, keeping yourself and your family safe this Winter.

Gutters & Downpipes

Anywhere that water isn’t able to flow freely can be a problem in colder weather, as still water ends up freezing which can cause blockages. Make sure that you check that all of your gutters are flowing well, and keep checking every couple of weeks for fallen leaves and other debris. One product which will help to ensure gutters and downpipes are kept clear are Porcupine Gutter Brushes, these sit neatly in gutters and let water flow through without other debris getting stuck, or the build-up of ice.

It is also important to bare in mind that any bathroom pipes which run outside your home can also become blocked with ice. Check for any sections that look flat, or where water or ice may get stuck. If you don’t want to change the pipes, then insulate the flat section to prevent it from freezing, as otherwise this could cause internal problems.

Patios & Driveways

Before the weather turns too bad, ensure you get your patio, decking and driveway cleaned now, as wet and algae can be a bad combination and ice can make it worse. Options include, using an anti-algae cleaner, such as the Ronseal Decking Cleaner & Reviver, and a pressure hose to safely clean those areas so that even when the weather is wet or damp, you will still be able to walk on them. It is also worth investing in a supply of de-icing salt or rock salt, and even keep some inside if possible. If you’re expecting frost, then simply sprinkle a little over pathways, steps and driveways the night before to stop them from freezing, and if you forget, or the ice is unexpected, then you still have some inside to use in the morning.

Rock Salt

Rock Salt is perfect for keeping pathways, steps, and driveways clear from ice and by spreading Rock Salt you can quickly diminish the chance of accidents occurring in the areas surrounding your home. If you have a large area to cover, then a Rock Salt Spreader is ideal for use on footpaths, small car parks and school grounds. They have a fair-sized capacity and a handle bar mounted adjustable flow control to help you achieve a wide spreading throw, and with their pneumatic wheels, it makes for easy use over rough ground and icy surfaces.

Rock Salt is an effective way to thaw ice, and can be used in areas where ice might occur in the garden and build up. By sprinkling Rock Salt over these areas, it will melt the top layer of the ice so that it can easily be chipped away and removed. Businesses and schools will also hugely benefit from using Rock Salt, as it can help to make entrances both accessible and danger-free for its users. Rock Salt usage is an essential way of keeping mobility going during the winter, and by taking care of your premises, you are also taking care of customers, friends, neighbours and family, especially vulnerable adults and children.

So, how does it work? Rock Salt works by lowering the melting/freezing point of water and is often formed when sea water evaporates. It is a natural mineral and so it will never go out of date or lose its ability to function, which makes it easy to store for as long as you need to. To avoid lumpy rock salt, be sure to store it indoors, or in a Rock Salt Bin, which can keep the product safe and away from children. Unlike some de-icing liquids, Rock Salt won’t leak or damage furniture or other products stored nearby.

Buying Rock Salt is reasonably priced compared to other de-icing products and it can be bought in bulk bags or in smaller bags, allowing you to cater to your personal needs. It is often worthwhile, and cheaper, to buy Rock Salt in bulk bags, in the event of running out during particularly bad weather. You could even share the cost of a bulk bag with a neighbour – sharing’s caring! When Rock Salt is sprinkled onto the ground it produces a natural grip under foot compared to other de-icing products which can cause the ground to be slippery and unsafe. Once applied, it begins to reduce the temperature of the ice so that it melts rapidly, making steps, pavements and driveways much safer for all.