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Take a look at our new, contemporary fencing

When looking for perfect fencing, it can be difficult to find something that matches your unique style, everywhere seems to have similar styles. Here at eDecks, we know that struggle, so to combat fencing disappointment we’ve released four new contemporary styles!

Contemporary Lattice Fencing

First up are our contemporary lattice fence panels, a sleek alternative to traditional fencing; by being a semi-solid decorative panel, they are ideal for creating a lighter garden where privacy is not an issue. These panels would look amazing alongside a modern extension or city garden, they would also work well as a garden divider to add more depth and act as a trellis for climbing plants. They are also handmade in our very own factory and pressure-treated to BS8417 at our treatment works to maximise the lifespan of the timber by up to 15 years. This treatment creates an effective barrier to infestation by insects and fungi so the panels will look fantastic for years!

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Hightop vertilap Fencing

These panels have a rustic look that’s hard not to love. This design is a fencing staple known for its durability. Handcrafted by our skilled panel makers, the high top vertilap panel takes a traditional featheredge design and gives it a modern twist with the top edge cut out. They are also pressure treated to improve longevity and fixed using galvanised nails throughout for long life. Packing feather edge boards tightly together and the sturdy back supports means that strong winds and the elements are no match for these panels. These boards are truly made to last. Again, these panels are handmade and pressure treated in our workshops so they have real quality.

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Lattice top overlap Fencing

If you’re a fan of traditional fencing this new style might be for you. Expertly handcrafted, lattice top overlap fence panels are a hybrid of two popular products combined to create a stylish new design. These panels provide the sleek modern feel of a slatted panel, but with the added benefit of extra privacy and protection that some people may prefer, with the solid waney edge effect on the lower part of the panel. They are dip treated to a nice golden brown colour in our own factory, care is taken to see the panels are preserved thoroughly. Not only all that, but they are also compatible with concrete posts, so they can easily replace your current panels!

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Strong board Fencing

If you love the rustic look of our Hightop panels but want extra strength, our strong board panels might be for you. Super strong and robust, these panels are made from high quality 6 x 1 rough sawn timbers with extra back support rails, making it one of our most robust panels ever. Once again they’re handmade and treat in our workshop to give the wood an up to 15-year lifespan. these panels will look fantastic in any home whilst withstanding any weather conditions.

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Our panels are provided with a 10-year guarantee against rot. For more information please see our manual guides at the foot of

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Composite fencing: the low maintenance, environmentally friendly solution for your garden.

Choosing the correct fencing for your garden can be difficult, especially as we approach the harsher winter months, but composite fencing may be the answer to all your concerns! In this article we will help you decide if this fencing is right for you, discussing the pros and cons.

What is composite fencing?

Most garden fences are made from soft or hardwoods, and whilst composite fencing is a newer product it is set to change the game with fencing choices. Composite fencing offers many unique features and is even made from recycled materials to help you reduce your carbon footprint, which is more important today than ever.

Composite fencing is made from a mixture of plastic and wood, these elements together give the fencing a natural wood look whilst the plastic makes maintenance much easier and gives your fencing a much longer lifespan, up to 20 years. Meaning you save money and the planet! What’s not to love?

Is composite fencing right for you?

Every garden has different needs, but everyone can agree that a 20-year guarantee on fencing is unbeatable.

Not convinced yet? here are just some of the top attributes of composite fencing:

  • The combination of wood and plastic makes the fencing extremely strong, it can withstand high impact
  • More weatherproof than standalone wood products, meaning no moss build up from rainfall
  • Environmentally friendly manufactured from 75% recycled materials
  • Stronger than concrete posts
  • Simple to install at home without professional help

However, there may be some factors that make you decide against composite fencing:

  • It can be more expensive than soft or hardwood (However treatment for wood fencing can end up costing more!)
  • There is less customisation than wood fencing – but it can look much more modern!

Looking to buy composite fencing?

The price of composite panels may be a little daunting, but purchasing directly from suppliers online is an easier way to find the best deals, and you can have them delivered directly to your door!

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Overlap Fence Panels From eDecks.

Overlap Fence Panels 6ft x6ft

Obviously it’s no secret that eDecks are one of the largest online decking retailers in the UK, but did you know that the family owned business based in the East Riding of Yorkshire is also one of the biggest manufacturers of fence panels too?

Well you do now! We could go on all day about the reasons why our overlap fence panels are so great but here’s five reasons why just for starters.

1. Made With Our Own Fair Hands.

Here at eDecks we build and treat our overlap fence panels by hand ourselves, right here in our onsite factory so you can be confident that each and every fence panel has passed our strict quality control checklist before it reaches you. Golden brown in colour, these fence panels look just great as they are or paint/stain them the colour of your choice, check out our wide range of fence paints and stains here.

2. Stronger Than The Rest.

Whilst most manufacturers of overlap fence panels, Wickes to name just one, add four vertical strengthening battens to their 6ft fence panels we add five, this means the fence panels have an extra level of support and that teamed with our overlap slat design means these panels are the perfect choice if you are wanting to create a private space that will withstand the elements.

Overlap Fence Panels 6ftx2ft

3. Bespoke Service Available.

Did we mention that we build our overlap fence panels ourselves? The beauty of this means we can build these panels to whatever specification you need, just let us know what you need them to be and we will do the rest! for a quote please email us on [email protected]

4. Good For 10 Years – At Least.

Rest assured, once treated our fence panels are guaranteed against rot and fungal decay for ten years, the treatment coats the whole surface as the fence panels are completely submerged in our treatment tanks coating every nook and cranny hence the term “dip treatment”

5. The Best Budget Friendly Solution.

With prices starting at just £23.77 plus fast free delivery on orders over £150 to most of the UK what are you waiting for? Our made to order fence panels are currently on a one working day lead time so they will be with you before you know it!

We also offer plenty of support and expert advice for most garden projects – and definitely any products we sell online. Contact eDecks here for personalised advice for your garden makeover project today.

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Handy FREE installation guides (and even instructional videos!)

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*Free delivery applies to most of the UK, but some areas may incur a charge, unfortunately – please check the eDecks website for more details.

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Fence Panels: Which treatment is best for me?

Image: Ronseal

Know the difference, save time and work.

If you’ve been shopping around the internet for anything timber related during the various lockdowns be it sheds, fencing, decking or garden buildings you will have undoubtedly stumbled across the terms “pressure treated” or “dip treated” timber.

These treatments are an important factor when buying anything made from wood, the treatments offer varying levels of protection. Let’s take a look at the difference between the two methods and how each one benefits us.

The great news is both treatments protect against rot and decay. We pre-treat most of our fence panels right here before it reaches you, the customer.

Dip Treatment.

Dip treated fence panels have a golden brown appearance.

The method is exactly as the name suggests! Simply dipped into the treatment solution and left to dry. This gives the wood a brown/golden appearance and often results in a lower cost product.

The draw back to dip treatment? It doesn’t last as long and will need additional applications. This can be done at home with a brush/spray on solution.

Most people treat their fence/shed every year or every other year depending on weather conditions.

Before treating at home, make sure the surfaces are free from any algae, dirt or existing paint/stain. For best results from the treatment it must be used on bare wood.

Pressure treatment.

Pressure treated fence panels do not require additional applications.

If the thought of having to re-treat your timber products year after year makes you shudder at the very thought then pressure treated fence panels are the way to go!

When pressure treating timber after it’s been cut to size, It’s placed into a large tank which is sealed before the air is removed via a vacuum.

By removing the air & moisture within the timber, you are left with more space deep within it, and so after the air has been removed, the tank is flooded with a preservative.

Once the tank is full, the air is removed for a second time which forces the preservative deep into the grain of the timber. Pressure treatment is so deeply penetrated into the grain of the timber that reapplication is rarely needed and provide far more protection against rot and fungal decay.

The majority of our pressure treated fence panels come with a ten year guarantee against rot and fungal decay, meaning that the initial cost may be a little higher, but will save you time and money in the future.

So the simple answer is.

If you don’t mind the upkeep and are on a budget, dip treated fence panels are just fine.

If you would rather have panels that have been treated for a longer life before they even reach you then make sure you check that they have been pressure treated.

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The Best Fence Panels For Withstanding strong winds: Pro Tips & Products

We’ve had some pretty windy weather recently and, unfortunately, that’s meant some severe damage across the UK. From entire trees being blown over and houses being badly damaged, we’re seeing the fallout of Storm Christoph everywhere as it affects pretty much the whole of the UK.

If your fences have been blown over or damaged , you may now be having to replace them – and so we’re being asked more frequently than ever – which fence panels are best to withstand strong winds?

In this article, we’ll run through your best options so you can replace your old fence with one that should be able to withstand strong winds a bit better next time.

Let the wind pass through your fence

Our top tip for choosing a fence that can withstand wind is to choose one that allows the wind to “flow through”. The more air you can let pass through your fence, the less pressure your fence will be under in windy conditions.

If you imagine a kite as one full piece of material it will catch the force of the wind and fly pretty easily. If your kite has a small hole in it, it will take more wind force to fly – and if there are large gaping holes in it, it’s unlikely to ever get enough wind force to fly.

It’s the same principle with fences; more space for air to flow through means your fence takes much less pressure.

With that in mind, you have a wide variety of options for fences that will allow different levels of wind through, depending on your requirements.

Slatted Fence Panels

Slatted fence panels are a great choice if you need privacy and like a sleek modern look. With horizontal fence rails, our slatted fence panels are ultra-strong and don’t have huge gaps between the rails, allowing wind through but offering a good amount of privacy too.

We offer Elite & Supreme slatted fence panels starting from just £40.93 per 1.8m panel, including a ten year warranty. 

Trellis Panels

Trellis panels offer plenty of gaps for wind to pass through as well as places for climbing plants to grow. If you’re looking for the ultimate combination of privacy and windproofing, a trellis fence is an excellent choice as you can add vining plants to cover gaps, but plants won’t often completely block wind from passing through.

There are plenty of options with trellis fencing from modern to traditional, starting from just £10.51 per panel.

Wall and Trellis

If you want something private and robust, you could always use a combination of a small brick wall to replace your fence and top it with a short piece of trellis fencing. It could be far cheaper than you think – our bricks start at less than 50p each.

Short Open Fence Panels

If you don’t have a great need for privacy but want to use fencing solely as a boundary, you can consider using short open fence panels. Being shorter they shouldn’t catch the wind as much and they offer vertical open rails with plenty of space for air movement.

Shadow Box Panels

Shadow box panels, also known as double sided paling, offer the most privacy while still allowing airflow. They won’t allow as much wind to pass through as some of the other options above, but they will offer much more windproofing than a standard block fence panel, while keeping complete privacy, with each fence rail blocking light from one side to the next (which creates a ‘shadow’ on the adjacent panel). These are a particularly great option if you need a tall secure fence for pets and children while having your garden in a windy area.

There are so many options for shadow box fence panels, from horizontal and vertical to chevron and top trellis styles. Starting from just £31.56 per 1.85m panel, you’re bound to find one to suit your style and budget.

Ensure your fence has a strong base

Other than allowing wind to flow through your fence more easily, the other important safeguard you should take is to make sure your fence has a strong base. A strong support should help keep your fence grounded – the stronger the base, the more likely your fence will be to withstand high winds.

Dig your posts in deep

It may not come as a surprise, but it’s vital to dig your fence posts in as deep as possible to leave your fence with the best possible foundational strength. We recommend digging your posts a minimum of one-third of the length of the post deep, if possible, half or more. Three feet is the minimum we would recommend for any fence being placed in a highly windy area.

Set your posts in concrete

You can’t choose the soil in your area, but you can choose what you set your post in. We highly recommend using concrete to set your fence posts in to give them the greatest chance at withstanding high winds in stormy weather.

Use Concrete Posts

Better yet than concreting in your wooden fence posts is to get posts made out of concrete too. Concrete posts are your strongest option for holding your fence up against blustery winds.

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