Five Things You Didn’t Know About Overlap Fence Panels From eDecks.

Overlap Fence Panels 6ft x6ft

Obviously it’s no secret that eDecks are one of the largest online decking retailers in the UK, but did you know that the family owned business based in the East Riding of Yorkshire is also one of the biggest manufacturers of fence panels too?

Well you do now! We could go on all day about the reasons why our overlap fence panels are so great but here’s five reasons why just for starters.

1. Made With Our Own Fair Hands.

Here at eDecks we build and treat our overlap fence panels by hand ourselves, right here in our onsite factory so you can be confident that each and every fence panel has passed our strict quality control checklist before it reaches you. Golden brown in colour, these fence panels look just great as they are or paint/stain them the colour of your choice, check out our wide range of fence paints and stains here.

2. Stronger Than The Rest.

Whilst most manufacturers of overlap fence panels, Wickes to name just one, add four vertical strengthening battens to their 6ft fence panels we add five, this means the fence panels have an extra level of support and that teamed with our overlap slat design means these panels are the perfect choice if you are wanting to create a private space that will withstand the elements.

Overlap Fence Panels 6ftx2ft

3. Bespoke Service Available.

Did we mention that we build our overlap fence panels ourselves? The beauty of this means we can build these panels to whatever specification you need, just let us know what you need them to be and we will do the rest! for a quote please email us on [email protected]

4. Good For 10 Years – At Least.

Rest assured, once treated our fence panels are guaranteed against rot and fungal decay for ten years, the treatment coats the whole surface as the fence panels are completely submerged in our treatment tanks coating every nook and cranny hence the term “dip treatment”

5. The Best Budget Friendly Solution.

With prices starting at just £23.77 plus fast free delivery on orders over £150 to most of the UK what are you waiting for? Our made to order fence panels are currently on a one working day lead time so they will be with you before you know it!

We also offer plenty of support and expert advice for most garden projects – and definitely any products we sell online. Contact eDecks here for personalised advice for your garden makeover project today.

At eDecks you can not only expect a good deal but also:

Super fast FREE delivery on orders over £100*

Handy FREE installation guides (and even instructional videos!)

Incredible prices on all fencing (and frequent big discounts!)

*Free delivery applies to most of the UK, but some areas may incur a charge, unfortunately – please check the eDecks website for more details.

**Prices all correct at time of writing

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