Tips to Refresh Your Wooden Fence Panels this Spring

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Over the past few weeks, the chances are your garden has been subject to quite the battering from Mother Nature’s mood of winter. Consequently, the time laboured into installing your beautiful wooden fence panels earlier in 2015 may look as though it has been all for nothing.

Don’t despair – here at eDecks, we’re armed with know-how to help you give your garden the refresh it needs for the coming spring. Check out our top tips on how to repair wooden fence panels now!


Assess the Damage

Before investing in any tools or potions to help restore your wooden fence panels, consider the current state. In the end, if damage is substantial, a quick fix may prove to be more costly and you may end up going the whole hog and reinstalling a new fence altogether. Be realistic about the wear and tear of your fence – is it looking worse for wear? Warning signs that your fence needs to be repaired include extensive rot, splintering and warping.


But Before Throwing It All Away…

A bit of rot here or there doesn’t necessarily translate to throwing out an entire side of fencing. Decay should be addressed as early as possible to prevent the spread of further deterioration, however, this can usually be easily tackled by replacing the affected wooden fence panel only.


Start with a Good Scrub

If your wooden fence panels are looking a little grubby, then a power sprayer and some elbow grease can go a long way. Connect your garden hose up to a rented pressure washer and get ready to give your fence a deep clean.

Be warned, when refreshing your wooden fence panels this way, ensure that you keep the hose moving and don’t stay in the same place too long. Power washers are just that – powerful and concentrating in one area for too long at too high a pressure can take literal chunks out of your wood.


Restore by Restaining

As wooden fence panels survive the elements, the rich colour can be stripped away making your fence look lacklustre and tired. If you’ve also opted to blast your wooden fence panels with a pressure washer, then the chances are your fence will have been stripped of flaky varnish in the process too.

A relatively cheap and easy fix to quickly breathe life back into your wooden fence panels is to reapply a stain.  After pressure washing and drying, sand down any remaining bumps and lumps, and apply a stain of your choice. Don’t forget to add longevity to your DIY project and complete the process with a sealant for locked in protection against sun damage.


Refreshing and Replacing Wooden Fence Panels

In some instances, refreshing wooden fence panels may not be the best option – and a full replacement may be in order. In the event that a replacement is necessary, it doesn’t always need to be costly – why not browse our range of cheap wooden fence panels to see for yourself?

What are your top tips for refreshing older wooden fence panels? Why not share with us in the comments below or head on over to our Twitter too?

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