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Railing For Composite Decking: Composite PVC Handrail Systems

If you have a composite deck, or you’re hoping to get one, you might also be considering whether to buy railings for your decking too. If you are, you’re in luck – our new range of Composite PVC Handrail Systems might be precisely what you’re looking for.

Why do you need railings?

Railings around decking are not a necessary feature – a deck can look great without them. However, a lot of people choose to add railings to their deck. This can be for a wide variety of benefits railings can offer.

Railings have some safety benefits, for example, if you have a stairway leading off your deck, they can offer some added support for those a little less sure on their feet, especially after a rainy day where there might be an increased chance of slipping. Or if your decking is raised, or on an uneven surface such as a hill, railings can help provide an important safety barrier.

Aesthetically railings can also be a great choice, creating beautiful lines that can be natural and uneven (such as with the rope railings) or you can go contemporary and give the space a more modern structured look. If you have a composite deck, you’ll be excited to hear that we now offer composite PVC handrails in anthracite greywhich works incredibly well with a contemporary grey deck.


Unlike rope or wood railings, Composite PVC Handrails are entirely waterproof, so should last longer than any other type of railing. This is hugely beneficial in climates like the UK and can also be helpful if you are hoping to add handrails around a wet area of your deck, such as a hot tub space.

Because they are entirely waterproof, these railings will also dry much faster than the other natural options that will allow the water to soak in.


Unlike wood railing, there is no risk of Composite PVC Handrails splintering, making them potentially a safer option if you have boisterous kids or animals in the house. It also means you’re unlikely to face any issues during installation, such as sanding areas where splintering may be an issue.

Virtually Maintenance Free

You will never need to oil or paint a Composite PVC Handrail system – thankfully! These handrails are by far the lowest maintenance option and can easily be washed with soapy water without any damage to the handrail.

Easy Install

Installing this handrail is incredibly simple; the pieces are manufactured to fit each other precisely, so if you can deal with flat-pack furniture, you will likely be able to install this handrail on your own.

Contemporary Style

These handrails come in a stunning contemporary style that echoes the look of composite decking beautifully. The pairing of composite decking with these anthracite grey handrails results in creating a desirable upmarket outdoor space.

Environmentally Friendly

These handrails are also environmentally friendly meaning they’re entirely recyclable, so you can rest assured you’re not buying anything harmful to our planet.

Buy in Packs or Pieces

You can buy these handrails in complete packs if you want the ultimate ease in installation with everything you need sent to your doorstep in a matter of clicks.  But, if you prefer full control, you can design your fence exactly as you’d like it and buy the pieces individually – it’s entirely up to you!

Need More Help Choosing Your Deck Railings?

If you’re unsure about which handrails to choose or you have any questions about composite PVC decking handrails, feel free to speak directly with one of the eDeck advisors who are often available on the eDecks website directly on online chat, or you can call or email via our contact page here.

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