How to Install Artificial Grass in 6 Steps

how to install artificial grass

Great news – you’ve decided to save yourself all that time you spend mowing the lawn by replacing it with artificial grass. You’re looking forward to spending more time enjoying your garden and relaxing, but before you get to that stage there is just the matter of getting your new lawn in place.29

Here at eDecks we pride ourselves on being helpful to our customers, and as a family run business we believe in keeping things simple. To that end, if you are wondering about how to install artificial grass then you need to wonder no longer – here is our guide to getting your new lawn in place in 6 straight-forward steps.

Step 1: Preparation

The first stage in any DIY project, as you probably know, is the preparation.

Measure out the area(s) that you are going to lay down the artificial grass, ensuring that you get your measurements absolutely spot on, so you don’t end up with gaps (it’s good to measure then leave a couple of days and do it again to make sure you don’t rush and make a mistake). Then decide exactly what you want your lawn to look like: we offer lots of different options and variety, meaning you can choose everything from the exact colour of your new lawn to the thickness and length of the ‘grass’. We also offer our Cut to Size service, which will save you lots of your precious weekend by having everything cut to your specifications rather than you having to do it.

Step 2: The Digging

Once you’ve measured it all out, ordered your new grass and are waiting for its delivery you should get the area ready (although you’ll have to be quick as our delivery is famously fast!). Start by removing the old lawn, if there is any, and then dig out the soil that was underneath that. Not only will this remove all roots and other weeds, but it will give you room to add in a base layer, for a better looking lawn.

Step 3: The Base Layer

Once your area is dug out, you need to make sure there’s a firm base layer. This will ensure that your lawn is smooth and level, with no strange lumps that could damage the grass or make it uncomfortable to walk on. It will need to be compacted and flattened, so allow enough time for this and for it all to set firmly.

If you want your lawn to be even softer, you might want to consider adding in a base layer of shock pad matting to make it even more comfortable to walk on – it works the same way as the layer under your carpets.

Step 4: Laying your Lawn

If you’ve used our Cut to Size service, this next bit is easy (providing you roll it out the right way!). Start at one edge, and simply roll out the grass, ensuring that any joins are secured discreetly. For larger and thicker lawns, it’s worth remembering that your rolls of artificial grass are going to be heavy – get someone to help you, as it’s all too easy to injure yourself!

Step 5: Securing and Filling

Once your new artificial grass is rolled out, it’s time to secure it. Using Ground PINS, your lawn will be easy to secure and won’t be going anywhere. Space them out evenly around the edges and throughout your lawn to make it firmly held down, remembering to hammer them in flush to the base of the lawn so they cannot be seen.

Step 6: Enjoying!

With your new artificial lawn now in place all you have left to do is sit back and admire your handy work, or better still get the whole family together for a barbecue safe in the knowledge that your grass will not become patchy with people walking over it.

How to Install Artificial Grass – Stock Up!

Now you know how to install artificial grass, head on over to stock up on artificial grass essentials here.

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  1. You provide all the information in a systematic way. When we install artificial grass then we have to care all things so that our artificial grass could not affect after installing.

  2. Very informative post. One of the first benefits of having an artificial lawn is its lack of needed maintenance. If you are sick mowing your lawn than artificial grass is your needed solution. Your yard will be perfectly trimmed and edged every single day.


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