Fence Painting: The Ultimate Guide

Looking to personalise your garden? Painting your fence is a brilliant way to brighten up your surroundings. Whether you want to simply refresh your garden with a fresh coat of fence stain, or you want to switch up the look completely with a bold and colourful fence colour. Painting a wooden fence is a quick and easy job to do. Read this step-by-step guide and we’ll walk you through the process.

1. Prepare your surroundings

First and foremost, ensure you pick a day when the weather is clear and dry. Then, clear the area around your garden fence. Cut back any trees or shrubs or tie them back to make sure they’re out of the way of your workspace. Move garden furniture out of the way and cover your patio, decking, or lawn with plastic sheets to protect it from any paint splashes.

2. Wash and sand your fence

Your fence may be covered in dirt and cobwebs from the harsh winter. You’ll want to remove any dirt, debris or flaking bits of old paint so that it’s ready for a new lease of life. A stiff brush will usually do the trick, but if your fence is really caked in dirt, you can use warm soapy water to help get it off. If you do use water to clean the fence, make sure it’s thoroughly dry before attempting to paint.

3. Apply the fence paint/stain

It’s time to get painting! Choose fence paint with a tough and durable formula that has been specially designed to be used on exterior wood. Whether you use a paintbrush or paint sprayer is up to you.

If you’re using a fence paint brush, ensure that you paint following the direction of the wood grain for a smooth finish. Make sure you start from the top and slowly work your way down so that you catch any paint and avoid waste. If you’ve got a large surface area, a fence sprayer will help you get the job done quickly. Ensure you wear a dust mask and goggles and make sure you’ve covered the areas surrounding the fence properly, as there will be a little bit of overspray.

Allow the paint or stain to dry for as many hours as the tin advises and reapply coats as needed.

4. Clean your tools

Your tools are important, make sure you can use them again! If you’ve used water-based paint, you can simply wash your brushes in warm, soapy water. If you’ve used oil-based paint, you’ll want to soak your brushes in white spirit to get the paint off. This is because oil and water don’t mix.

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