Best Pest Control Techniques


Is your garden under attack from pesky pests? Don’t take it lying down! With some clever pest control techniques you can save your vegetables and protect your plants from being wrecked by bugs and insects this summer.


Create Confusion

Usually invading garden pests are seeking out a particular type of plant or vegetable in your garden. Mixing different types of plants together will help prevent insects from honing in on a particular variety of plant. Increase the biodiversity of your garden by breaking up long rows of single crops with plants from different families. For example, plant onions alongside tomatoes or, intersperse your vegetables with low growing annual plants.


Cut Back on the Mulch

If you’re using an organic mulch it will be doing wonders for your soil but, the warm, damp conditions under the mulch could make it a breeding ground for young insects such as slugs and sow bugs! If these pests become a problem in your garden, reduce the amount of mulch used and, move it back at least two inches from young seedlings and delicate plants that are susceptible to disease.


Keep Your Vegetables Undercover

Ward off invading garden pests such as cucumber beetles and squash bugs by going undercover! Use row covers to keep bugs away from your vegetable rows and new seedlings. As an added bonus, this pest control technique can speed-up crop growth by trapping a blanket of warm air around your plants and vegetables.


Invest in a Pesticide

If you have a busy lifestyle you need a quick and hassle free way to win the battle against garden pests. Invest in a good pesticide to instantly get rid of troublesome garden invaders. When you are choosing a pesticide try to get one that is tough on bugs and insects yet, gentle on your plants. Don’t buy an all-round pesticide unless you really need to; if you are having trouble with a particular type of pest, a bug or insect specific pesticide will be far more effective.

What’s your favourite pest control technique? Tell us how you protect your garden from invading bugs and insects!

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