Cheap & Easy Way to Build a Raised Garden Bed

You’ll Need:


Step 1 – Mark your Territory

Measure and mark out a 3 x 1.5 meter rectangle for your raised garden bed will go. Use your Remove the grass to prevent pesky weeds frim attacking your blooms later on and, make sure the ground is fairly level.


Step 2 – Prepare your Timber

The best way to prevent your timber from splitting when you’re screwing it together is to pre-drill the holes. Mark out where each side of your garden bed should join together then use your drill to make holes for the screws to go in.


Step 3 – Have a Tea Break

Well….DIY is thirsty work! Desperate


Step 4 – Create a Sturdy Frame

Use the decking screws to join the frame of your raised planter together. You might need to find a glamorous gardening assistant to hold the timber boards in place while you screw them together to prevent them from wobbling – no gardener wants a wonky raised garden bed!


Step 5 – Fill with Soil

Unload a large bag of good quality potting mix into your raised bed frame or if you’re been productively making your own compost all year, you can use a mixture of garden soil and your organic compost to make sure your blooms or vegetables get all the nutrients they need to grow.


There you have it – one cheap and easy raised garden bed! Now all you have to do is fill it with herbs, bright summer flowers or tasty vegetables; the choice is yours.


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