How To: Cutting The Perfect Box Profile Roof Sheet

box profile roof sheet

Throughout the year we’ll be posting a number of super useful “How To” articles to help you out with some of the most common D.I.Y related questions that we come across! For this weeks’ we’re going to give you the low-down on how to cut a box profile roof sheet for the – potential – arrival of the better weather and the chance to replace any damaged roofing sheets. So now you can finally get around to putting them up!

But… how best to go about cutting what can be a tricky and cumbersome material? For us, it’s all about breaking it down into three easy pieces.

Where to do your cutting?

Although the temptation may be strong to cut in situ, we strongly advise not to as there are some very serious health and safety issues to consider, not to mention your ability to craft the perfect cut. We recommend placing your box profile roof sheet face down on a flat surface with padded supports underneath to raise it off the ground and also avoid any damage to their structure caused by unyielding supports.

What tools do you need to cut a box profile roof sheet?

When it comes to tools, the overriding rule is to use something that creates as little heat as possible to avoid damaging the coating on the sheet. For longer straight cuts, we recommend using a fine tooth metal cutting blade on your circular saw, producing a ‘cold cut’. When it comes to the niggley small cuts and openings, we would plump for a jigsaw or reciprocating saw, although the use of nibblers and angle grinders (with a small tooth blade / disc) are often used in the roofing trade.

Any other business?

And hey, you’re going to need to source out the best quality and value for money materials for the job! We’ve got you covered on this one too with our vast range of box profile sheetsscrews,eave fillers and everything else you’d need for the job!

Do you have any top tips for cutting a box profile roof sheet? Share your tips in the comments with us!

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