Xmas tree recycling tips

To Mulch Or Not To Mulch: Top 5 Xmas Tree Recycling Tips

We know we’ve only just bid farewell to our massive Turkey roast from Xmas day, but as ever it’s on-wards and up-wards in the land of DIY and garden maintenance and you’ve probably got a million and one plans already in the making. But first, let’s sort out that poor Xmas tree recycling. Join us as we delve into eDecks top 5 tips for recycling your tree, making sure it’s being put to it’s best use all year round!

1. Branch Out!

If you’re like us, then winter can be a worrisome time. Will some of our more fragile plants make it through any forthcoming heavy frosts? Well, why not use some of the longer branches from your Xmas tree to form a light covering shelter. It could just make the difference between a plant making it through the winter. Blooming great!

2. Let’s Get Creative!

Feeling crafty? Suddenly your troublesome tree becomes free material for a host of indoor and outdoor projects. How about sawing up the trunk of the tree to create two inch discs which can be used to separate beds, line paths or walkways? Thinking indoor? How about going a little thinner on the discs and creating super cool rugged coasters? We’d recommend coating these in polyurethane just to make sure any residual sap doesn’t make it’s way onto your nice new coffee table!    

3. Don’t Skip, Chip!

Chipping your tree to create your own garden mulch is easily the simplest way to use the trunk and larger branches. This can be used for mulching paths, topping off borders and generally tidying up drab areas of the garden.  If you don’t own a chipper, then why not look to share the cost with neighbours, family and friends. Xmas tree chipping party anyone?

4. Birdy Fast Food Feeder.

We can’t forget about the little birdies can we? How about turning your old tree into an awesome bird feeder. Use the branches to hang your feeders, or create your own using pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed! Looking to attract some shyer feathered friends? How about placing the feeders towards the edges or more covered areas of the garden? Some birds are more likely to approach food if it’s not located smack bang in the middle of the garden.

5. Taking the Easy Way Out!

Finally, we at eDecks know that the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Sometimes life just gets in the way, but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch the plans altogether. Here’s our Xmas tree cheat sheet…shhhhh, don’t tell anyone! Find your nearest recycling station here! Ain’t nobody got time to mulch! Let us do the work for you!

Xmas Tree Recycling –  Share Your Top Tips

Do you plan to recycle your Christmas tree this year? Why not share your xmas tree recycling top tips with us on Twitter, or even the comments below!

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