Coroline Roofing Sheets: Fixing Instructions, Tips & Videos

Looking for some Coroline roofing sheets fixing instructions? You’ve landed in the right place; at eRoofs we don’t only have great prices and a wide range of Coroline roofing products, we also have an incredible number of instructional materials available completely free of charge.

If you’d like to jump straight for the official manuals, you can find them right here:

Official Coroline Installation Guide

The official coroline installation guide should help guide you through a simple Coroline installation, however, if you’d like some extra tips and diagrams you might want to check out the Onduline version below.

Onduline Fixing Guide

The Onduline fixing guide offers some more tips and illustrations on installing Onduline, the thicker version of Coroline.

Top tips for installing Coroline roofing sheets:

Take note of wind direction

Before you start installing your Coroline sheets, take note of the most common wind direction in the area that your roof will be (here are some handy tips on how to figure out the direction of the wind).

The order you install the panels should be dictated by the direction of the wind; your first panel should be positioned at the furthest away point from the direction of the wind, lowest end first. You should then lay your Coroline panels along the lowest end, and add rows above in the same direction as needed. The top verge or ridge should be installed last to ensure the roof remains waterproof.

Don’t bend the Coroline

Avoid bending the Coroline when you’re installing your roof; bends in the material can cause the roof to leak, and it won’t last as long as it should. To avoid bending the Coroline ridges, ensure you get the right fixings for the roof (we recommend the official Coroline fixings) and don’t hammer your nails in too far. You want to avoid any ‘dips’ caused by nails being hammered in too far in the Coroline roofing, if at all possible.

Coroline fixings also have a specially designed waterproof cap that should ensure your roof lasts as long as possible.

Wait for the right day

It can be tempting to rush out and install your new Coroline roofing as soon as it arrives, but you should be patient if it’s a hot summers day. All bitumen roofing, including Coroline, softens at high temperatures. While this doesn’t affect the longevity or waterproof nature of the material, it does mean that installing on a hot day could result in an uneven roof.

Temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius or above should be avoided if at all possible when installing your new Coroline roof.

Getting a perfect cut

Getting an even cut on your roof can make all the difference – it gives a professional finish. Luckily, Coroline is extremely simple to cut – all you need is a normal hand saw. If you have a circular saw, this can help ensure you get a straight edge though.

With either saw, it’s recommended that you oil the saws edge before cutting the Coroline. Carefully outlining where you’re hoping to cut with a straight edge is also a great help in getting a professional finish.

Professional installation

We all want our roofs to look as professional as possible – and Coroline roofing is no exception.

To get a professional standard of finish, we recommend marking out where you’re going to fix your roof using either a straight edge or chalk line to ensure your fixings line up perfectly – no one likes mismatched nails!

We also recommend getting the official Coroline fixings for a professional finish – not only are these designed for Coroline and should help ensure the roof remains watertight, but they also come in the same four colours that Coroline does and have been designed to match the colour perfectly. No other fixing will be quite as camouflaged!

Coroline Roofing Sheets Instructional Video

It can be hard to follow instructions without seeing the roofing being installed as wording on it’s own can be confusing and unclear; because of this we’ve added this helpful video on installing Coroline roofing here:

Still need more help installing your Coroline roof?

Coroline roofing sheets fixing instructions on their own might still leave you with unanswered questions; that’s why we have a completely free chat service at eRoofs where you can ask our experts any of your roofing queries.

To ask an expert, simply go onto the website at eRoofs and a chat box should appear at the bottom of the screen when an adviser is online. If you don’t see a chat box, the advisers may not currently be online, but don’t panic – you can contact eRoofs here with your query at any time of the day.

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