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Top Tips for Maintaining Artificial Lawns

For many, the biggest draw to choosing an artificial turf over real grass is the ability to bid farewell to time spent mowing the lawn. However, that’s not to say there isn’t some recommended work required to really get the best out of artificial lawns.

A little bit of maintenance can go a long way in helping to extend the life of artificial turf and help to keep the grass looking just that little bit greener. Check out our top tips to maintaining your artificial lawn!

Give It a Brush

When you first install your artificial grass, the infill sand used will help to shape, structure and bed in your turf. Therefore it’s recommended for a minimum of six weeks to eight weeks to lightly brush the grass to remove any surface debris. Don’t be too forceful though – remember the turf is still bedding in, so brushing too vigorously could potentially leave you wish a misshapen garden.

After that point, it’s recommended to bring out the brush to remove any debris and foliage around once a month. The best results can be achieved with a medium soft bristle brush – you’d be surprised how much a quick run over the garden will spruce up your artificial lawn.

Weed Out Unwanted Plants

Artificial lawns will see to a massive reduction in number of weeds and unwanted plant life that will crop up in your garden, but it’s worth bearing in mind, because synthetic grass is porous (allows water through), it won’t be uncommon to see the odd particularly tenacious weed poking through.

There are a couple of ways to deal with this – the first being to simply take the top off the weed – knowing it will grow back soon enough. For a more permanent solution, a water based weed killer can be used up to twice a year. Approach weed killer with caution though – use anything other than a water-based concoction, and you’ll risk irreparable damage to your lawn.

Remove Unsightly Stains

As with any stain, the best chance you have of removing it is to act quickly. Should your artificial lawn be faced with a stain, dive in with some hot soapy water (washing up liquid is suitable) and give the stain a scrub. For oil stains, mineral spirits will also be helpful. If you’re faced with the unfortunate task of dealing with animal mess, remove it as quickly as possible, followed by a wash down the area.

Caring for Artificial Lawns

Artificial lawns are fuss-free and require minimal maintenance in order to really look great. If you’re looking to stock up on lawn care supplies for the summer ahead, head on over to eDecks now to snap up a bargain!

What are your top tips for caring for artificial lawns? Share with us in the comments below!

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    Its a helpful content.
    Residential artificial grass makes a lot of sense is becoming increasingly popular. Who doesn’t want a beautiful lawn that requires no maintenance 365 days a year?


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