Everything You Need to Know About Decking Kits

When you’re buying decking you could spend hours trawling around DIY shops guessing how many decking boards you need for your project and trying to match fixings with types of decking or, you could buy a decking kit that already contains all the supplies you need to build a stunning deck. There’s no contest really but if you haven’t discovered the joys of buying a ready to install decking kit yet, take a look at our ultimate guide to decking sets.


Why Choose a Decking Kit

Timber decking kits are a popular choice amongst DIY newbies and experts because they allow you to jump straight into your decking project and skip the tedious shopping around part. Decking kits contain all the materials you need to build your dream deck already cut to size and ready to use – perfect if you have a busy lifestyle and don’t have time to spend your weekend shopping for decking!

If you haven’t installed a deck before, buying decking kits means that you can be confident that you have everything you need for your project before you get started; there’s nothing worse than discovering you’re a board or two short of a complete deck when you’re almost finished.

Decking kits can also be great value for money! Buying all the materials together might end up cheaper than buying handrails, steps, etc. separately. Why not use any cash you save to treat yourself to new plants or decking accessories?


Types of Decking Kits Available

Using a decking kit won’t restrict your choice of decking. Good decking retailers (like eDecks – hint hint) will stock a huge range of decking kits so you can choose the type that’s right for your garden and your lifestyle.

You can find decking kits that contain softwood, hardwood and composite decking boards so you can choose decking that will compliment your existing garden décor. You can even find kits which include accessories such as handrails to increase the security of your decking or, steps if you’re planning on building raised decking.

Worried that your garden is too big or small for a decking kit? Decking kits are available with boards and joists pre-cut to a range of sizes. Whatever size your garden is, you can find a decking kit to fit.


How to Install a Decking Kit

A decking kit are installed the same way as any other type of decking and most decking kits will come with instructions for easy installation.

Some people find decking kits easier to install than individually bought decking supplies since there is no need to cut your boards and joists to size or, halt installation when you discover you need to order more boards to complete your deck.

Another advantage of decking kits is that they come with all the fixings you need – handy if your new to deck building or if you’re unsure what type of fixing works best for different types of wood.


Caring for a Decking Kit

Once you’ve installed your deck, we recommend adding a high quality protective timber treatment as you would for all timber decking. The type of timber treatment you use will depend of whether you’ve opted for hardwood, softwood or composite decking boards. If you’ve gone for a hardwood decking kit, use a timber stain to preserve and emphasise the rich colour of the wood whereas softwood decking required a coasting of protective treatment to protect it from the elements.

How often you apply these will also depend on the type of wood your decking boards are made from. Softwood requires more consistent care so you may have to reapply the treatment every few months to preserve the stunning colour and prevent warping. Hardwood decking boards made from materials such as IPE timber can go for longer between applications as they are more resilient against decay.


Decking Kits at eDecks

Now you’ve got your heart set on buying a decking kit, you’ll be delighted to know that eDecks have a fantastic selection of hardwood, softwood and composite decking kits available so you’re guaranteed to find the right decking for your garden when you shop online with us. We stock kits that contain standard decking, decking kits with handrails and decking kits with steps to ensure you have everything you need for your dream deck.

Our decking kits come in a range of sizes; when you shop online with us you can find decking kits for small gardens as well as larger sets if you want to make your deck a stand out feature.

Since we are the leading online supplier of discount gardening suppliers, our decking kits come with fantastic discounts that you won’t find anywhere else!

Shop online for high quality decking kits at low discounted prices at eDecks today.

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