Small Garden Tips: 4 Ideas for Vertical Gardens at Home

Vertical gardens or wall gardens, are perfect for small garden owners who want to brighten up their small garden. Vertical gardens are easy to build and they allow you to use every inch of available space in your garden to grow beautiful blooms. Looking for some inspiration? You’re in luck! If you want to create your own vertical garden at home, try one of these stunning ideas:


1. Try Fan Trellis

If your garden is especially small, the compact fan trellis will give you maximum impact using minimum space. Adding a fan trellis will instantly transform your home into a country cottage even if the closest thing you have to the countryside is a tree at the end of the road! Add one to either side of your door to create a welcoming entrance for friends and family.

When you buy your fan trellis from eDecks, it will be manufactured from pressure treated timber that’s resistant to rot and decay to ensure your trellis will look great all year round.


2. Transform Trellis Fencing

It may look like ordinary trellis fencing but secure it to the side of your house, add a few climbing plants and it’s transformed into a cheap and easy DIY vertical garden!

An advantage of using trellis fencing to create a vertical garden is that it comes in a range of styles, prices and sizes; whether you’re on a tight budget or you’re splashing out on a full garden makeover, you can find the trellis fencing you need at a price you love especially when you shop online at eDecks.


3. Make Your Own Wire Frame

Feeling crafty? Why not create your own DIY wall garden? If you’re ordering your timber from eDecks, tell us what sizes you need and we’ll make sure that it’s pre-cut to size to save you time and effort.

To make a wire frame for a vertical garden, all you need is:

When you’re ready to start your vertical garden DIY project, follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Mark on the timber where you want to join the planks together.
  2. Pre-drill the holes for the nails before you insert the nails to prevent the timber splitting.
  3. Nail the planks together to build a sturdy frame for your wall garden.
  4. Add an optional protective coat of timber treatment to your frame.
  5. Once your frame has dried, stretch the wire mesh across the wooden frame and secure in place with the galvanised staples.

Now you’ve built your DIY vertical garden you can use it as a frame for climbing plants or as a space to hang potted plants from.


4. Try a Fun Ladder Planter

How about this quirky idea for a vertical garden? A vertical ladder planter! If you have an old wooden ladder lying around give it a new lease of life by transforming it into a vertical planter.

All you need to do is sand the timber and add a bright coat of paint or a classic timber stain. If you want you can make shelves by adding plywood (or thicker timber planks if you’ll need sturdier shelves) across the steps. We recommend nailing these in place to prevent your shelves from blowing away during the winter.

Once your decorative ladder planter is ready to go, add bright potted plants on the shelves or use the higher shelves as a ledge for hanging plants.


When can’t wait to see which of our vertical garden design ideas you use! Post your pictures onto our Facebook account today.


If you’re planning a vertical garden DIY project, visit eDecks today to find all the supplies you need at great discounted prices when you shop online.

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