How to Choose the Right Garden Fence Panels

garden fence panels

Is that a pocket of sun we spot? The budding of new flowers and plant life? With the first signs of Spring finally making an appearance, it’s a good time to stop and take stock of your garden plans for the seasons ahead. For many, it’s the perfect time to rejuvenate the garden – starting with your garden fence panels.

Dependent on budget, purpose and size, the variety of garden fence panels is huge and choosing the right fit for your garden can seem like an overwhelming task. Do not fear, eDecks are here to help equip you with the knowledge you need to make the decision on your next set of garden fence panels.

Aesthetics, Security and Privacy

For many, the need for garden fence panels is simply functional – to outline boundaries – such as to secure an area for children to play in. Picket fences are the ideal for those looking to freshen up your garden whilst establishing perimeters. Easily distinguishable, picket fences can be customised and painted to fit in with your house building – it is common to spot picket fences that have been painted white.

For those seeking a balance between aesthetics and security, Trellis fencing is an elegant solution. With some styles difficult to climb to begin with, Trellis fence panels are also unlikely to support significant weight – and certainly not the body weight of a burglar. If the tricky ascent of the fencing isn’t enough of a deterrent, then thieves will also have to face the prospect of a large crash when the fencing gives way – enough for some to make a hasty exit before carrying out a crime.

For those seeking privacy and security, without compromising on aesthetics, then looking to a trellis-topped style such as a triple dome panel may prove to be ideal. Trellis-topped styles can be applied to a number of different fence panel styles, allowing you to customise your fencing.

Garden Fence Panels on a Budget

For DIYers on a budget, overlap fence panels are a common and wallet-friendly solution. Whilst these panels are not quite as strong as alternatives such as feather-edge or vertical lap panels, the biggest draw for many novices is the fact they can be easily installed (with the help of another person) and of course, inexpensive with prices beginning from just £12.24 per panel, whilst still providing the desired level of privacy.

Garden Fence Panels at eDecks

Here at eDecks, we are proud to present a huge range of fence panels suitable for every need and budget. If you’re still not quite sure on which garden fence panels to pick, our friendly and helpful customer service team would be delighted to help – simply give them a call on 0844 474 4444.

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