DIY Easy Fence Upgrades: Update your fencing like a pro!

So your fencing is looking in need of a little love? Well, you’ve arrived at the right place; this article is packed full of DIY fencing upgrades you can do yourself without the cost of replacing the whole lot. If you do think you’d like to rip out the whole thing and start again – we’ve got some great tips further down too!

So without much further ado – here are our top tips for a DIY fence upgrade:

Power wash and stain your fence to make it look brand new

If you loved your fence when it was brand new, you might want to simply bring it back to that ‘new fence’ look. Luckily, this is one of the simplest things you can do, AND it can help lengthen the lifespan of your fence too!

Firstly, it’s important to get rid of any nasty bugs and grime that may have found its way into your fence over the years. If you think your fence can stand it, a super easy (and surprisingly fun)  way to do this is to power wash your fence. If you don’t have a power washer, or you think your fence might not be strong enough to withstand the force, you can also wash your fence by hand with a brush. Either way, it’s pretty important that you use a good outdoor timber cleaner such as Ronseals decking cleaner & reviver to help you penetrate the wood well and clean out any fungal spores and mould.

If you’d like to add an extra layer of protection for your wood, you can also use a wood treatment like this after you’ve cleaned your fencing to prevent any future decay; although many stains and paints do offer some protection too.

Once your fence is completely dry from the cleaning process (usually it’s advisable to wait at least 24 hours) you can begin to stain your fence. You can do this by either using a paint brush, paint roller or even a power sprayer (which might be cheaper than you first think!).

These two simple steps can make your fence look brand new again – without the trouble of replacing the whole fence.

Give your fence a brand new colour with a fresh lick of paint

Sometimes all it takes to transform your garden from tired to stunning is a beautiful splash of colour. Paint can even help protect your fence and make it last longer.

The wonderful thing about painting your fence is that it’s simple to do and can have a huge impact. There’s a huge range of colours available in fence paints; from traditional greens to super modern matt greys, there’s something to suit every garden.

To get a super even professional finish, you can try out using a power sprayer; your fence will look like it came in that colour from the start!

Before you jump in with the sprayer or paint brush, just remember, like with staining your fence, you’ll need to properly clean and prep your fence to make sure you get the best result.

Give your fence extra height with a trellis

If your current fence isn’t quite as tall as you’d like, and you’re looking to get a bit more privacy without replacing the entire fence, you can easily update your fence by adding a section of trellis to the top. It’s incredibly simple to do with basic tools and is surprisingly affordable. If you ever need advice for installation, you can always contact us for hints and tips, or explore the eDecks website for online guides.

Once you’ve installed your new trellis you can take things a step further by finishing the entire fence in a new colour or stain – just check out the tips above to see how.

A trellis doesn’t need to just be extra height; you can add a full height trellis to your fencing and grow vining plants such as honeysuckle which has a beautiful smell, Clematis which features stunning pink flowers or golden hops which have leaves that look great even in a modern setting.

Tie your fence in with your garden with a matching feature

If you’re concerned that your fencing doesn’t tie in with the rest of your space, and you think a lick of paint won’t cut it, you could add an extra outdoor wooden feature to your garden and have it stained or painted to tie perfectly with your fence.

There’s a huge array of different outdoor features you could choose from – here are some of our favourites:

  • Arches and Pergolas offer a pretty hideaway in your garden and a place to grow vining plants
  • Arbours are perfect wooden features offering the perfect spot to relax and read
  • Gazebos can be a great spot to socialise and enjoy your garden with a bit of cover
  • Wooden planters are the perfect way to tie in your fence without breaking the bank

Replacing the fence

You might not fancy replacing the entire fence – but sometimes it’s the only thing that will work for your garden space. Luckily, it might not cost quite as much as you first thought; with fencing panels starting from just £13.43 at eDecks (correct at the time of writing), a huge array of options and great installation guides, it might be the perfect project for a DIYer!

We’d love to hear about your fence upgrades and any extra ideas you’ve had – just leave us a comment below! If you’re looking for excellent products for your fence upgrade, remember at eDecks you can not only expect a good deal but also:

Super fast FREE delivery on orders over £100*

48 Hour delivery on many products

Handy FREE installation guides (and even instructional videos!)

Incredible prices on all of our fencing materials (and frequent big discounts!)

*Free delivery applies to most of the UK, but some areas may incur a charge, unfortunately – please check the eDecks website for more details.

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