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Treated Picket Boards

Treated Picket Boards

Here at eDecks we offer a choice of round or pointed fully pressure treated picket boards used. These boards are traditionally use to create a fence or a boarder.

What is featheredge timber?

Feather Edge Boards are single boards that are placed vertically, with each one overlapping the one beside it. This creates a length of fencing around the area you are working with. They are an ideal solution if you have a space that is awkward and/or you can’t find a fence panel to fit. The closed design that is created by overlapping the boards ensures that there are few gaps.

Both sides of this style of fencing are identical, which makes them an ideal choice if you are creating a boundary between a neighbouring property, as it allows both homeowners to have the “nice side” of the fencing.

As the boards are installed individually, it is easier to repair any that become damaged without having to purchase an entire length of fencing.

Available in green pressure treated options, all our Feather Edge Boards are fully protected against rot and decay without the need to apply any further treatments.

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