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De-Icing Rock Salt

Rocksalt Online

eDecks Offer Rocksalt Online, 23kg bags, ½ Bulk bags or Full Bulk bags available, eDecks offer buy in bulk prices for multiple purchases.

Brown De-Icing Salt

Brown Rock Salt is the countries standard de-icing rock salt, Ideal for the Public sector or larger organisations when the cold weather comes,

What’s the Difference Between White & Brown Rocksalt

Brown Rock Salt is sourced from one of three indigenous salt mines in the UK, its mined from underground salt deposits, Brown Rock salt is very cost efficient and is much cheaper than white rock salt, Brown rock salt does result in leaving messy mid and sludge behind after it has melted the ice.

White Rocksalt is a marine salt which means it is harvested by drying saltwater, the salt is more concentrated with up to 99% sodium chloride and does not contain other insoluble, with this in mind white rock salt is much more expensive than the standard brown rock salt.

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