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If you’re looking for cheap wooden gazebos, you need to check out what we have on offer at eDecks! With a wide range of gazebos online, all at incredibly low prices, you can have everything you need to build your dream wooden gazebo at about a third of the price you'd usually pay when you choose to buy from eDecks. A gazebo could be a great addition to your outdoor space if you want to: add some privacy for your new hot tub, add a feature to your garden, cover a new patio decking area, or set up a little bar or barbeque area.

And it may be an easier DIY project than you might have first thought! Adding your dream gazebo just became a much more affordable option too with the offers here at eDecks; and what’s more is, you get instructions for assembly along with free online support to make it as simple as possible to build.

The highest quality manufacturing

We pressure treat our gazebos at our own treatment works to give you a longer-lasting product so your gazebo can stand the test of time, even if you choose not to add any further preservatives. Our treatment also creates a strong barrier to guard against fungi and insects. Of course, you can add more wood preservatives or paints to help increase the longevity of your gazebo even further, but our treatments alone will ensure it lasts up to 15 years. At eDecks we’re very involved with the entire manufacturing process which means we can ensure we always offer incredibly high-quality products. We continue to see thousands of customers return and trust us as their supplier every year because they know the quality of our products are so high and we can still offer them at unbeatable prices!

Why can eDecks offer incredible quality at such low prices?

Because eDecks is exclusively an online store, we don’t have the enormous running costs of a physical store, which means we can offer you better quality products at much lower prices than big DIY chain stores. We also take on much of the manufacturing process ourselves – including the pressure treatment of our gazebos – which means we can ensure an exceptionally high-quality product without having to pay any middlemen costs. Customers also have the luxury of making this whatever size they please as we sell the parts individually. You don’t just get an unbeatable price at eDecks – you get more for your money too! We also deliver for FREE to the majority of the UK on any order over £150, so you don’t have to worry about any extra petrol costs or heavy lifting – we can deliver your gazebo direct to your door.