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Handrail Systems

Composite Decking Handrails

Handrails are an excellent addition to any deck; they provide safety and can offer a little grandeur. Composite handrails offer some seriously incredible benefits that purely wooden handrails can’t match. Right here at eDecks you’ll find some seriously low priced and high-quality composite deck railing options.

Why choose composite decking handrails?

Composite wood contains a unique combination of materials - plastic and timber (most commonly recycled wood). It gives handrailing or decking the unmistakable look and feel you would expect from authentic wood, while offering some unique benefits that no pure timber product can match. Below we’ve outlined our favourite features – but if you would like any further information or advice, please don't hesitate to call, email or online chat with one of our advisers, completely free of charge.

Longevity & Maintenance

Pure wood can last between 10-30 years in the outdoors, depending on various factors such as how well it is maintained, types of pressure treatment used and type of wood. However, composite can last up to 50 years and requires little to no maintenance (all decking benefits from an occasional clean though!). With a composite handrail system you are very likely to make a one-time purchase, clean occasionally and simply enjoy your deck and handrails for decades to come. Unfortunately, with pure wood products, even with excellent maintenance, you are still likely to have to shell out for a replacement at some point. Properly maintaining pure wood products can be tough work - it can involve sanding, sealing, oiling or painting to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

[Note: Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about pure woods andwhich decking materials might suit you best. Required maintenance will vary greatly depending on the type of timber, the pressure treatment that has been used in manufacturing (if any), amongst other things, so it can be confusing - but we are more than happy to help!]

Eco Friendly

Usually made from recycled wood and plastic, composite wood railings are a very eco-friendly option, offering a second life for recycled wood. As mentioned previously, since they also rarely need replacing they are often seen as the greener choice compared to pure wood.


Composite handrails are much less likely to attract algae and mould than pure wood handrails. This makes them an excellent choice for avoiding harmful mould growth (with the added benefit that you won't need to clean them as often!). They are also heat resistant which should help you avoid burns. This is especially important if your handrails need to be used for support and safety (i.e. as a stair support handrail).

How do eDecks offer incredible quality at such low prices?

Because eDecks is an exclusively online store, we don't have the enormous running costs of a physical showroom, which means we can offer you better quality products at much lower prices than high street DIY stores. You won't want to miss out on any of these great benefits of buying from eDecks:

- Fast, FREE delivery to your door for orders over £100** - Decking purchase advice and installation help always free of charge **Some postcode and product restrictions apply; please click the above free delivery link for more information or contact us here.