Timber / Wood Screws

eDecks stock a large selection of timber / wood screws, supplied in boxes or sold individually, eDecks can supply all your needs. Zinc coated, weather protected and coated wood screws are available online at eDecks.

What’s The Difference in Wood Screws

Pre-Drilled vs Self-Drill woodscrews

If you purchased Self-drill screws this means the holes need to be drilled before the wood screw can be screwed in, Pre-drilled saves that time and can be screwed straight into your timber as the screw tips have a tip like a drill bit.

Single Thread vs Twin Thread

A Single thread wood screw is not as strong as a twin thread wood screw, we would only advise you to use single thread screws on softwood timber like chipboard or pine. A twin thread wood screw has two threads running the length of the screw and can be used on stronger timbers such as hardwood.

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