Pergola Materials

Wanting to build your own pergola? Looking for the best price possible on high-quality pergola materials? At eDecks we offer a huge range of products so you can create a pergola to your precise plans and avoid using a kit. We offer pergola materials (or pergola kits if you prefer right here) so you can build your own pergola from scratch to any plan you like, even one you've designed yourself! Having full control of the design and materials often gives you the best possible result and cuts on costs. What’s more is, here at eDecks you can contact us any time for support and tips for assembly.

We currently offer the following pergola materials:

  • Beams
  • Rafters
  • Corner braces
  • Posts
  • Clips
  • Brackets
  • Screws
  • Carriage bolts
  • Centre blocks
  • Bolt down anchors
  • Spike supports

If you’re looking for something not currently in this list though, get in touch as we may have new stock coming in that isn’t currently listed.

The highest quality manufacturing

Our wooden pergola materials are all pressure treated at our own treatment works to ensure the best possible quality and a pergola that will stand the test of time. The pressure treatment also creates an effective barrier against fungi and insects; of course, you can add any wood treatments or paints that you like to further add to the longevity of your pergola, but our treatments alone will ensure a pergola that lasts up to 15 years.

At eDecks we’re very involved with the entire manufacturing process which means we can ensure we always offer incredibly high-quality products. We continue to see thousands of customers return and trust us as their supplier every year because they know the quality of our products are incredibly high, yet we can still offer them at unbeatable prices.

Why can eDecks offer incredible quality at such low prices?

Because eDecks is an exclusively online store, we don’t have the enormous running costs of a physical showroom, which means we can offer you better quality products at much lower prices than high street DIY stores.

We also take on much of the manufacturing process ourselves – including the pressure treatment of the wood used in our pergola materials. This allows us to create our own extremely high-quality products but remove middlemen costs big DIY firms have to add to their products final price.
You don’t just get a great price at eDecks – you get more for your money too.