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Anti-slip Decking: What are your options?

Decking looks incredible in any outdoor space – but it can be dangerous after an unexpected shower (and in the UK, we all know there are plenty of unexpected showers!). Taking care of decking means using waxes and oils to preserve the wood well and keep its strength, but when mixed with water it can become incredibly slippery underfoot.

Don’t panic though – help is at hand.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to enjoy the sunshine even after clouds have passed, you can buy anti-slip decking. There’s a number of different solutions available to you, depending on your needs, budget and the final aesthetic you’re looking for.

Read on to find out more about all of your different anti-slip decking options – there’s bound to be one that suits your deck perfectly!

Extreme waterproofing with full anti-slip boards

If you know your deck is likely to face a great deal of water and heavy foot traffic, getting full anti-slip boards may be your safest option. For example, if you’re installing a hot tub on your deck, it might be a good idea to get full anti-slip boards, at least in the area surrounding the hot tub, to avoid any accidents.

Full anti-slip boards feature large inserts that cover the majority of the board with a rubbery material that is not only waterproof but more importantly – slip resistant. This means that you’ll still be able to walk across your decking safely, even when covered in large puddles of water. Splashing is encouraged when you have full anti-slip boards!

These are the best decking boards you can get to avoid accidents and will have the best grip, so if you’re looking for a very safe deck or if you’re decking an area near a pool or hot tub, we’d highly recommend using these boards.

They aren’t always to everyone’s taste aesthetically, but you can get them in a variety of different colours to suit your deck – there are even ‘grass’ look decking boards if you think they’ll suit your deck!

Anti-slip decking boards with built-in inconspicuous strips

If your decking isn’t used as a splash deck, but will be exposed to showers, you could invest in some anti-slip decking with built-in anti-slip strips. These decking boards certainly look very chic and the anti-slip strips are probably the least noticeable of any option – so if you want a good looking wood deck, but with the extra safety of anti-slip features, these are the boards for you.

Made with thin anti-slip strips of material made of resin and aggregate, each line of anti-slip material can easily be mistaken for a shadowed groove instead of a safety feature. Because of the incredibly professional finish, these can be a popular but expensive option; however, we’d always recommend looking to eDecks before being put off by price as we always offer incredible discounts on many types of decking.

Antislip strips for decking you’ve already bought

If you’ve already bought decking, don’t panic – there are solutions still available to you without having to fork out for an entirely new deck.

Your first option is to add anti-slip strips.

Anti-slip strips are incredibly easy to install – no power tools necessary. They also come in a fantastic range of colours, and can even be used to cover slippery areas that keep growing algae.

You’ll need a lubricated high-performance cutter screw to install the strips; but before you worry about the extra cost, they come included with your anti-slip strips when you buy them from eDecks. You can even order them cut to size for your deck, so you’ll just need to screw them on when they arrive.

They are available in both 50mm and 100mm widths, so will usually suit most decks; but if you’re looking for an option closer to the professional finish the built-in inserts offer, you might want to check out the next option.

Anti-slip inserts for decking you’ve already bought

You can get a very professional finish with an anti-slip decking insert – these strips are very thin and are made to fit into the grooves of your current deck. They’re seriously simple to install as well – add a strip of decking glue along the groove you wish to add the anti-slip strip to, then add your strip and wait for it to dry. That’s it!

Unlike the built in strips, you can add these strips wherever you feel suits your deck best, which is a huge advantage.

The anti-slip material is usually created with resin and aggregate, which is also helpful for avoiding slips during wintery months. You can either buy the resin and aggregate strips alone, or metal inserts that have the strips pre-inserted; just ensure you buy a sample first to check the strip will fit well with your decking board.

You can even buy samples of every anti-slip decking option mentioned in this article to ensure you pick the best product for your deck.

Before you buy your anti-slip decking from just anywhere online, you might be interested to know that here at eDecks you can expect:

Super fast FREE delivery on orders over £100*

48 Hour delivery on many products

Handy FREE installation guides (and even instructional videos!)

Incredible prices on all of our decking materials


*Free delivery applies to most of the UK, but some areas may incur a charge, unfortunately – please check the eDecks website for more details.

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