How to Decorate Your Deck for Halloween

Scare the neighbours and spook your friends by turning your deck into a creepy Halloween grotto! With our grizzly guide you can throw a party your family and friends will never forget. If you’ve got young kids, get them involved in the fun! They’ll love transforming their home into a ghoulish grotto and it’s a great way to keep them entertained during the October break.


Step 1: Carve Pumpkin Lanterns

No Halloween party would be complete without a pumpkin lantern! To make yours, use a large felt-tip pen to mark the outline of your design (the creepier the better), cut off the top of your pumpkin using a large sharp knife, scoop out the inside (this can be used to make pumpkin pie later) and very carefully, use a smaller sharp knife to cut out the design.

Then hang or place the lanterns in prime position around your deck. We recommend using fake LED candles but if you want to use real ones, be careful to place the lanterns where they won’t be knocked over!


Step 2: Unleash Flying Bats

Ok, so they aren’t exactly flying or real bats but, hanging fake bats from the roof of your deck or along your hand railings will help to create a creepy atmosphere. You can pick up toy bats from most toy shops or if you’re feeling wickedly crafty, round-up the kids and have a go at making your own. All you need to pick up is black card from an art supplies shop and a bat shaped stencil for the kids to draw around, you can even make the stencil yourself with thicker card. Once you’ve cut out your bats feel free to leave them dark and mysterious or, let the kids decorate them with paint, glitter and anything else that takes their fancy.


Step 3: Add Spooky Lighting

Think orange paper lanterns and dimmed lamps to set an eerie atmosphere. You want it to be bright enough so that you can tell one witch from another but dim enough to create a spooky setting. This year we’re planning on hanging orange, green and black lanterns along the roof of our deck.


Step 4: Don’t Forget the Details

Fake cobwebs? Check! Sinister toy skeletons on the garden furniture? Check! Dry smoke? The possibilities are endless! Dangling toy spiders from the roof is guaranteed to give the neighbours a fright. Welcome guests onto raised decking with tombstones guarding the foot of the steps or drape chiffon across a garden mirror for a shadowy effect.


Step 5: Don’t forget the Treats

You’ve got the tricks covered, now it’s time for the treats! Halloween themed goodies are a fun way to top off the night. You can either stock up on Halloween themed food at the supermarket or have a go at making your own.

For the children, how about creepy cupcakes? Just add a little bit of green food dye into the icing and add chocolate bats or sugar fangs. Keep the grown-ups happy with a blood-red or ghastly green cocktails.


How are you planning to dress-up your deck for Halloween? Share your pictures on our Facebook page today.

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