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Tech Screws

Tech Screws

Tech screws (or tek screws) are a unique type of screw that features a drill bit end, allowing them to self drill into materials such as wood or timber without the need for a pre-cut hole of the screw to fit into. Here at eDecks, we stock a range of Tech screws in different sizes and standards, so you can be sure the perfect tech screw for your project.

Timber & Steel Tech Screws

If you're looking to fix some cladding or roofing sheets to a timber purlin, then our timber Tech screws are ideal. These screws are specifically designed to drill directly into any wooden surface and keep you're timber secure. However, If you're looking to fix metal roofing sheets together or attaching a metal sheet to a timber purlin, then we recommend using our steel Tech Screws. these screws are designed with a drill bit end and will self tap into metal sheeting without the need for an initial pilot hole. These Tech screws also come pre-installed with washers to ensure the seal stays secure and watertight.

Not sure what type of Tech Screw would be best for your project, or if you require something that you can’t see listed on our website, please contact one of our dedicated sales team on 0844 474 4444 and they will be happy to help you further.