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Postsaver Sleeves & Pre-Sleeved Fence Posts

Fence Posts With Post Savers

eDecks Offer Post Saver Sleeves Individual Or Already Pre-Sleeved To The Fence Posts. Post Saver Offer 20 Years Warranty Against Rot And Are Guaranteed For Long Life Span.

Why Do Fence Posts Rot

Wooden fence posts rot at the ground level section because of moisture, fungi and oxygen in the soil. This damaging combination is only present at the critical ‘ground-level’ section, and typically extends 150 mm or 6” below the ground level. Deeper in the ground; oxygen supply is limited, so wood-decaying fungi do not survive.

Why Use Postsaver Pro-Sleeves

Postsaver Sleeves permanently exclude all the factors required for decay at the ground-line; oxygen, moisture & fungi. Postsaver Pro-Sleeves exclude all the factors required for decay, locking preservatives in and locking moisture, oxygen and fungi out. Preventing costly ground-line rot in your wooden posts. Post Saver Pro Sleeves benefit from 20 year guaranteed protection against your fence posts,

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