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Design your own Pergola

Design Your Own Pergola from eDecks

Know exactly what you want your pergola to look like, but don’t have the parts? You’ve come to the right place, as eDecks are pleased to offer a comprehensive selection of pergola posts, beams and rafters, allowing you to create your very own garden structure.
Just imagine the satisfaction of being able to look out into your garden at the pergola you designed and built. It’s easier than you think, with all your timber needs right here. All the parts we offer are designed to be used with each other, so just mix and match as you please.

Perfect Pergola Parts

In our Design Your Own Pergola section, you’ll find all of the following in several shapes and sizes:
• Posts
• Rafters
• Beams
• Clips
• Wood treatment

Don’t want to design your own pergola? Our parts aren’t just for those who wish to use their own pergola designs – we supply all the timber you need to alter one of our standard pergolas to fit an awkward location, or to modify to your needs. Extra rafters or beams could be just what you require.
You can get what you need just as quickly as our other products, with delivery available in 2-3 days. We’re also proud to show our commitment to sustainability, with all of our Design Your Own Pergola timber being FSC certified.
Whether you’re looking to design your very own garden centrepiece with custom pergola designs, or alter an existing one, we have the components you need. As garden structure experts, there’s no better place for your pergola timber needs.