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Evergrain Dual Sided Composite Decking

Evergrain Dual Sided Composite Decking from eDecks

eDecks is delighted to bring to you a new selection of dual-sided composite decking choices. Dual-sided means we offer a unique colour on each side of the decking to give your deck that extra special finish. If you like to get creative with your ideas then dual-sided is an excellent choice, the possibilities are significantly more with dual-sided composite.

Dual-sided composite decking comes with all the benefits you would expect such as resistance to mould, moisture damage and mildew. Composite decking is also extremely enduring and can hold up to harsh weather with no issues, just what you need for those British winter times! It also maintains its colour extremely well, so need to worry about fading.

Maintenance costs are also a reason why composite decking has become so popular, the upkeep is low, and you are unlikely to be shelling out money to maintain your beautiful dual-sided deck. In fact, it is estimated that the money you save on coatings and cleaning materials for normal decking will be recouped within 5 years or so. An investment well worth making!

If you are unsure whether dual-sided composite decking is for you or would like to weigh up the benefits of normal composite vs dual sided please get in touch with one of our experts to have a chat.

At eDecks we also offer 48 hours express delivery on lots of products and free delivery on orders over £150 so you are sure to be assembling your new deck in no time.

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