Dragon Pergola
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Dragon Pergola
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Dragon Pergola

The Grange Dragon Pergola is ideal for framing water features, garden statues or alternatively as a cosy retreat with a garden bench and table from which to enjoy your garden.

This stunning garden pergola with pale green finish really enhances the natural beauty of the wood and compliments any garden.

This pergola is supplied complete with fittings.

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Specification & Features

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  • Height: 2.1m - 2.7m depending on the anchoring method used
  • Width: 2.7m
  • Length: 2.7m
  • Pressure treated timber
  • Chunky uprights 95mm x 95mm!
  • F.S.C. Certified - Forest Stewardship Council
  • Stand alone

  • Option A - Pergola supplied with 2.7m posts for bedding into concrete.
  • Option B - Pergola supplied with 2.1m posts with bolt down anchors, ideal for sitting on decking or patios.
  • Option C - Pergola supplied with 2.1m posts with steel spikes. Ideal for soft ground and areas which there is no hard standing.

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