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Installing Indian Stone Paving Like A Pro

Indian Stone Paving Slabs look fantastic on any drive, patio or path – the multi-coloured look and the differently sized slabs offer a professional and more luxury finish than standard slabs. At first glance, it may seem like they would be harder to install than normal paving slabs – but by using a few of these tips and tricks, your project should look like it was installed by a pro. Continue reading


Embracing Your Outdoor Space – Small Deck Ideas

Are you challenged by a lack of space in your back garden? Bigger isn’t always better – and we have a whole bunch of small deck ideas to prove it! Ready to take your cluttered backyard to cosy? Read on to find out more!

Create the Illusion of Space

Making the most of your small deck begins with applying the well-known rules of decoration! Like with small indoor rooms, use a lighter wood for the floors and walls. Painting your decking a brighter colour will help to reflect light, creating the illusion of a brighter and spacious area.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling crafty, paint each board of your decking a different colour in lines to create elongating stripes. Not sold on the idea on the idea of painting each board? Make your decking area instantly bigger by hanging a mirror.

Make a Statement

Draw eyes into your deck with a statement piece of furniture. From bright throws and pillows, through to statement rattan sets and Perspex tables, styling your small deck into a Pinterest-worthy space will help to take away from a claustrophobic feel. Think cosy, instead of cramped and create a haven of cushions, crochet and centrepiece candles.

Vertical Impact

Challenged for space horizontally? Think outside the box and use a fence lattice to grow plants and flowers upwards on your decking. Not confident your green thumb will stretch to those height? Make your very own garden using only plant pots – a collection of brightly coloured flowers and shrubs are ideal for sprucing up a dull deck.

Light Up

Much like painting decking a light colour, installing deck lights can help to create the illusion of space. String up some outdoor fairy lights, or dress your deck to impress by installing decking floor lights.

Small Deck Ideas – Building Your Dream Deck

Have our small deck ideas given you the appetite to get cracking on your next project? A great deck shouldn’t break the bank! Snap up a bargain at eDecks now!

building a wooden deck

5 Top Tips for Building a Wooden Deck

Building a wooden deck is an ambitious project for even the most avid DIY fan. However, knowledge is power and armed with the right tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to crafting up your very own deck.

Ready to take the plunge? Here are our 5 top tips for building a wooden deck


Consider Your Decking Materials

Building a wooden deck is a great way to encourage more time spent in the garden. But, depending on the materials you pick, this could mean much longer than you really want due to maintenance and up keep.

If time is a major factor for you, then look to a hybrid material such as composite decking. Composite decking is partially made of plastic, meaning it will last out against the elements, but retain all the beauty of wooden decking for many years.

Similar to composite decking, hardwood decking is growing in popularity due to its long lifespan and aesthetic appearance. Hardwood decking does tend to be more expensive, but there’s always an absolute bargain suited to your budget waiting to be snapped up at eDecks!


Level Up

Struggling to make things fit in your garden? Think you’re limited to decking options because your backyard is on a slope? Think again. Adding a level or two is a great way to make the most of your available garden space and helps to break up long unsightly staircases.

Building a wooden deck on a slope has its challenges, so be sure to swot up on best practice and safety guidelines before tackling your next big project.


Style Up with Rails

For some decking, railings may be a mandatory safety requirement, but for others who don’t have this limitation, railings can also help to decorate your deck. Even if your decking is made of wood, alternative materials such as metal, glass or even cabling can be used to spruce up your decking.

Looking to add interest beyond a standard set? Why not use lattice to add interest make your decking rails a feature point?


Customise Your Colours

When designing your own deck, taking into account the look of your house and garden is key. Often when building a wooden deck, it can be too easy to get caught up in the final decorative touches, but don’t forget to stop and take stock of your core materials. Will your wooden decking boards match up with the rest of your theme?

Anxious they won’t match? Don’t worry – that’s what decking stains were made for! If you’re not sure which shade of wooden decking to opt for, pick the lighter of the options. This way, you can always adjust the colour of the wood gradually – and it’s always easier to go from light to dark than the other way about.


Let Your Deck Bloom

Want to hide unsightly screw-heads? Perhaps you’ve used a few reject decking boards that stick out a little too much compared to the rest of your deck? Accessorising your deck with leafy plants and flowers is a great way to inject personality whilst hiding any minor nicks or flaws created in the process of building a wooden deck.


Building a Wooden Deck – eDecks

Ready to get cracking on your next project and begin building a wooden deck? Head on over to see the decking on offer at eDecks now! Not sure where to begin or even what materials you’ll need? Don’t worry – our super helpful sales team are on hand to help you design your project – just give them a call on 0844 474 4444.

garden fence panels

How to Choose the Right Garden Fence Panels

Is that a pocket of sun we spot? The budding of new flowers and plant life? With the first signs of Spring finally making an appearance, it’s a good time to stop and take stock of your garden plans for the seasons ahead. For many, it’s the perfect time to rejuvenate the garden – starting with your garden fence panels.

Dependent on budget, purpose and size, the variety of garden fence panels is huge and choosing the right fit for your garden can seem like an overwhelming task. Do not fear, eDecks are here to help equip you with the knowledge you need to make the decision on your next set of garden fence panels.

Aesthetics, Security and Privacy

For many, the need for garden fence panels is simply functional – to outline boundaries – such as to secure an area for children to play in. Picket fences are the ideal for those looking to freshen up your garden whilst establishing perimeters. Easily distinguishable, picket fences can be customised and painted to fit in with your house building – it is common to spot picket fences that have been painted white.

For those seeking a balance between aesthetics and security, Trellis fencing is an elegant solution. With some styles difficult to climb to begin with, Trellis fence panels are also unlikely to support significant weight – and certainly not the body weight of a burglar. If the tricky ascent of the fencing isn’t enough of a deterrent, then thieves will also have to face the prospect of a large crash when the fencing gives way – enough for some to make a hasty exit before carrying out a crime.

For those seeking privacy and security, without compromising on aesthetics, then looking to a trellis-topped style such as a triple dome panel may prove to be ideal. Trellis-topped styles can be applied to a number of different fence panel styles, allowing you to customise your fencing.

Garden Fence Panels on a Budget

For DIYers on a budget, overlap fence panels are a common and wallet-friendly solution. Whilst these panels are not quite as strong as alternatives such as feather-edge or vertical lap panels, the biggest draw for many novices is the fact they can be easily installed (with the help of another person) and of course, inexpensive with prices beginning from just £12.24 per panel, whilst still providing the desired level of privacy.

Garden Fence Panels at eDecks

Here at eDecks, we are proud to present a huge range of fence panels suitable for every need and budget. If you’re still not quite sure on which garden fence panels to pick, our friendly and helpful customer service team would be delighted to help – simply give them a call on 0844 474 4444.

how to install artificial grass

How to Install Artificial Grass in 6 Steps

Great news – you’ve decided to save yourself all that time you spend mowing the lawn by replacing it with artificial grass. You’re looking forward to spending more time enjoying your garden and relaxing, but before you get to that stage there is just the matter of getting your new lawn in place.29

Here at eDecks we pride ourselves on being helpful to our customers, and as a family run business we believe in keeping things simple. To that end, if you are wondering about how to install artificial grass then you need to wonder no longer – here is our guide to getting your new lawn in place in 6 straight-forward steps.

Step 1: Preparation

The first stage in any DIY project, as you probably know, is the preparation.

Measure out the area(s) that you are going to lay down the artificial grass, ensuring that you get your measurements absolutely spot on, so you don’t end up with gaps (it’s good to measure then leave a couple of days and do it again to make sure you don’t rush and make a mistake). Then decide exactly what you want your lawn to look like: we offer lots of different options and variety, meaning you can choose everything from the exact colour of your new lawn to the thickness and length of the ‘grass’. We also offer our Cut to Size service, which will save you lots of your precious weekend by having everything cut to your specifications rather than you having to do it.

Step 2: The Digging

Once you’ve measured it all out, ordered your new grass and are waiting for its delivery you should get the area ready (although you’ll have to be quick as our delivery is famously fast!). Start by removing the old lawn, if there is any, and then dig out the soil that was underneath that. Not only will this remove all roots and other weeds, but it will give you room to add in a base layer, for a better looking lawn.

Step 3: The Base Layer

Once your area is dug out, you need to make sure there’s a firm base layer. This will ensure that your lawn is smooth and level, with no strange lumps that could damage the grass or make it uncomfortable to walk on. It will need to be compacted and flattened, so allow enough time for this and for it all to set firmly.

If you want your lawn to be even softer, you might want to consider adding in a base layer of shock pad matting to make it even more comfortable to walk on – it works the same way as the layer under your carpets.

Step 4: Laying your Lawn

If you’ve used our Cut to Size service, this next bit is easy (providing you roll it out the right way!). Start at one edge, and simply roll out the grass, ensuring that any joins are secured discreetly. For larger and thicker lawns, it’s worth remembering that your rolls of artificial grass are going to be heavy – get someone to help you, as it’s all too easy to injure yourself!

Step 5: Securing and Filling

Once your new artificial grass is rolled out, it’s time to secure it. Using Ground PINS, your lawn will be easy to secure and won’t be going anywhere. Space them out evenly around the edges and throughout your lawn to make it firmly held down, remembering to hammer them in flush to the base of the lawn so they cannot be seen.

Step 6: Enjoying!

With your new artificial lawn now in place all you have left to do is sit back and admire your handy work, or better still get the whole family together for a barbecue safe in the knowledge that your grass will not become patchy with people walking over it.

How to Install Artificial Grass – Stock Up!

Now you know how to install artificial grass, head on over to stock up on artificial grass essentials here.