Chicken Wire: Your Garden’s New Best Friend

Chicken wire has long been used for keeping animals at bay, but it has many uses you may not have even thought of! In this blog, we are going to expand your knowledge and maybe even inspire you to get some DIY done!

Chicken wire provides protection for livestock.
Credit: Jacqueline O’Gara on Unsplash

So what else can it do?

Chicken wire works very well in gardens and, as always, Pinterest is giving us great ideas. Take a look at the below garden ideas!

DIY Garden Trellis

Credit: Makers Corners on Pinterest

A garden trellis can set you back a lot of money, and it can be annoying if your plants don’t take to it – so why not make one yourself to save money! All you need is chicken wire, spare wood or pipes for the frame, wire cutters, thick gloves (for the shaping of the wire) and a staple gun. Firstly: construct the frame, then wrap the wire around the frame and finally, cut the wire and secure it to the bottom of the planter. This hack is simple but effective and it will look beautiful in your garden!

Garden cloche

Credit: Sharon Proberts on Pinterest

Cloches are an easy, effective way to protect your plants from animals whilst allowing them to still get sunlight – but these unique domes also look wonderful in the home for a vintage decoration – so whether you’re using them in the garden or in your kitchen, here’s what you need: chicken wire, thick gloves, wire cutters and pliers. Make sure you shape it around a cylinder so you have a stable shape and then snip with the wire cutters. Once you’ve shaped it, twist the pieces of wire together. Finally, take the unfinished pieces and round them off to create a dome, attach them together by twisting, create the handle with extra wire and you’re done! Enjoy your cloche.

Vintage style frame

Credit: Purposeful Indulgence on Pinterest

These indoor ideas are the perfect rustic decor for a low price. For this frame hack, you only need an empty frame, chicken wire, a staple gun and pliers. Simply spread the wire over the frame and staple it to the back and if you wish to add fabric like in the above picture, leave an opening at the top and thread it through, then staple after and you get a beautiful, homemade decoration, fantastic for Christmas!

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