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Know Your DIY: Timber Treatment

To get the best out of your wood-based project, a great timber treatment is the key to longevity. Whilst wood will not rot if it is kept dry, protecting against the elements is best practice to ensure that your timber has a long life.

Not sure if you need a timber treatment? Read on to find out more!

What is a Timber Treatment?

Timber treatment is commonly mistaken for decorative coatings, however, a timber treatment is far more hardy and durable. A timber treatment is a mixture of preservatives applied to wood to protect against timber decay, including dry rot and woodworm.

In the often very damp climate of the UK, timber is typically at a high risk of attack from certain insects and beasties, as well as fungi, which can dramatically affect the lifespan of timber, and lead to dangerous, or in some cases potentially fatal accidents where structural timber has been used.

Why Would You Use Untreated Timber?

With such justifiable reasons for using treated timber, it may seem strange to opt to use untreated wood for your project. However, many DIY enthusiasts and professionals still prefer to use untreated timber for a number of reasons.

To begin with, untreated timber is typically cheaper and allows maximum control over the project from start to finish. Another reason that untreated timber may be preferred is due to the nature of harsh chemicals used to create treated timber, it may simply not be appropriate.

For instance, a project involving the creation of an indoor dining table, the purpose of the table would be to serve food – and in this instance, toxic chemicals would carry some risk to health, whilst the risk of structural collapse due to rot is very low to non-existent.

Choosing Between Untreated and Treated Timber

Applying a timber treatment typically requires heavy duty apparatus to apply the chemicals, so for the casual DIY-er, opting for a treated timber can prove to be much more cost efficient, compared to sourcing timber treatment professionals to process your untreated wood for an outdoor project.

The biggest advantage to choosing wood that has undergone a timber treatment is the far superior lifespan. That combined with the cheap price point can make treated timber a very attractive proposition.

If you’re still not sure whether to go for treated or untreated timber, we’d be delighted to help! Just give us a call on 0844 474 4444 to speak to our timber treatment experts now! Ready to get cracking? Check out our treated and untreated timber now!

Embracing Your Outdoor Space – Small Deck Ideas

Are you challenged by a lack of space in your back garden? Bigger isn’t always better – and we have a whole bunch of small deck ideas to prove it! Ready to take your cluttered backyard to cosy? Read on to find out more!

Create the Illusion of Space

Making the most of your small deck begins with applying the well-known rules of decoration! Like with small indoor rooms, use a lighter wood for the floors and walls. Painting your decking a brighter colour will help to reflect light, creating the illusion of a brighter and spacious area.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling crafty, paint each board of your decking a different colour in lines to create elongating stripes. Not sold on the idea on the idea of painting each board? Make your decking area instantly bigger by hanging a mirror.

Make a Statement

Draw eyes into your deck with a statement piece of furniture. From bright throws and pillows, through to statement rattan sets and Perspex tables, styling your small deck into a Pinterest-worthy space will help to take away from a claustrophobic feel. Think cosy, instead of cramped and create a haven of cushions, crochet and centrepiece candles.

Vertical Impact

Challenged for space horizontally? Think outside the box and use a fence lattice to grow plants and flowers upwards on your decking. Not confident your green thumb will stretch to those height? Make your very own garden using only plant pots – a collection of brightly coloured flowers and shrubs are ideal for sprucing up a dull deck.

Light Up

Much like painting decking a light colour, installing deck lights can help to create the illusion of space. String up some outdoor fairy lights, or dress your deck to impress by installing decking floor lights.

Small Deck Ideas – Building Your Dream Deck

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