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artificial grass and dogs

Artificial Grass and Dogs – What You Need to Know

Do you struggle to keep your lawn looking prim and proper thanks to your furry friend? More and more pet owners are turning to synthetic grass to combat the inevitable mud bath that the combination of pooch meets grass brings. Here’s what you need to know about artificial grass and dogs!

Messy Days Are Over

An investment into artificial grass means you can say farewell to patchy grass and muddy patches! A fake lawn creates a safe and clean environment for your dog to play in, without the restrictions of keeping your garden pet-free on weed killer and fertiliser days.

Artificial grass cuts out the damage caused by burrowing by dogs – as it’s usually the fresh soil and dirt that triggers a dig. Of course, for the majority of dogs, digging is practically a past time, so why not try some bark chips – and create a fuss-free digging zone that can be easily swept back into place when play time is over – a much less destructive alternative to your carefully tended lawn!

It’s as Good as the Real Deal

Many owners are worried that their dogs will not like to play on new synthetic grass, but do not worry – gone are the days of cheap-feel lawns! Thanks to modern advancements, artificial grass is virtually indistinguishable from the real deal, and much like us humans, pets struggle to tell the difference.

Not forgetting with artificial lawns comes the added benefit of softer grass, your backyard will be much more friendly to soft paws and comfortable for pets to sprawl out on a hot summer’s day.

It’s a Clean Win

Of course, with every pup there comes the issue of dog urine and faeces – but because artificial grass is permeable, waste will either fall through or be easily cleaned off. If you’re starting to see a build-up of waste on your synthetic lawn, then simply hosing down the lawn after your dog has been to the toilet will do the trick.

For messiest of tasks, there are a range of cleaning solutions – from good old white vinegar to artificial grass friendly disinfectant.

Artificial Grass and Dogs – The Best Grass for Your Garden

Here at eDecks, we’re committed to helping our customers find the best suited product for the whole family – pets included. If you’re not sure where to begin with your backyard, our friendly sales team would be more than delighted to help – simply give them a call on 0844 474 4444!

Know everything you need to and made your mind up about artificial grass and dogs? Head on over to our artificial grass best-sellers to pick out your materials!

building a wooden deck

5 Top Tips for Building a Wooden Deck

Building a wooden deck is an ambitious project for even the most avid DIY fan. However, knowledge is power and armed with the right tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to crafting up your very own deck.

Ready to take the plunge? Here are our 5 top tips for building a wooden deck


Consider Your Decking Materials

Building a wooden deck is a great way to encourage more time spent in the garden. But, depending on the materials you pick, this could mean much longer than you really want due to maintenance and up keep.

If time is a major factor for you, then look to a hybrid material such as composite decking. Composite decking is partially made of plastic, meaning it will last out against the elements, but retain all the beauty of wooden decking for many years.

Similar to composite decking, hardwood decking is growing in popularity due to its long lifespan and aesthetic appearance. Hardwood decking does tend to be more expensive, but there’s always an absolute bargain suited to your budget waiting to be snapped up at eDecks!


Level Up

Struggling to make things fit in your garden? Think you’re limited to decking options because your backyard is on a slope? Think again. Adding a level or two is a great way to make the most of your available garden space and helps to break up long unsightly staircases.

Building a wooden deck on a slope has its challenges, so be sure to swot up on best practice and safety guidelines before tackling your next big project.


Style Up with Rails

For some decking, railings may be a mandatory safety requirement, but for others who don’t have this limitation, railings can also help to decorate your deck. Even if your decking is made of wood, alternative materials such as metal, glass or even cabling can be used to spruce up your decking.

Looking to add interest beyond a standard set? Why not use lattice to add interest make your decking rails a feature point?


Customise Your Colours

When designing your own deck, taking into account the look of your house and garden is key. Often when building a wooden deck, it can be too easy to get caught up in the final decorative touches, but don’t forget to stop and take stock of your core materials. Will your wooden decking boards match up with the rest of your theme?

Anxious they won’t match? Don’t worry – that’s what decking stains were made for! If you’re not sure which shade of wooden decking to opt for, pick the lighter of the options. This way, you can always adjust the colour of the wood gradually – and it’s always easier to go from light to dark than the other way about.


Let Your Deck Bloom

Want to hide unsightly screw-heads? Perhaps you’ve used a few reject decking boards that stick out a little too much compared to the rest of your deck? Accessorising your deck with leafy plants and flowers is a great way to inject personality whilst hiding any minor nicks or flaws created in the process of building a wooden deck.


Building a Wooden Deck – eDecks

Ready to get cracking on your next project and begin building a wooden deck? Head on over to see the decking on offer at eDecks now! Not sure where to begin or even what materials you’ll need? Don’t worry – our super helpful sales team are on hand to help you design your project – just give them a call on 0844 474 4444.