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Dog-Friendly Landscaping for Your Garden

It can be difficult to keep your garden beautiful whilst creating a fun environment for dogs. It’s important to make adjustments to suit both your dog and lifestyle, in this blog we will show you how to do just that without sacrificing your beautiful garden with dog-friendly landscaping!

Use aggregates to avoid grass damage

Dogs can cause grass to turn yellow, avoid this by using aggregates to hardscape areas your dog frequents. If you’re not a big fan of garden maintenance either, this is an easy solution for you! Hardscaped gardens require little to no maintenance and save you money since you won’t have to invest in garden maintenance tools. Aggregates are especially useful for dog owners because you can avoid muddy paws and digging, so no more eyesore holes dotted around your perfect garden!

Artificial grass

Similarly to aggregates, artificial grass stops fading and yellow spots, digging and most importantly, muddy paws. Artificial grass is often less toxic than chemically treated natural grass so if your dog has a tendency to try chewing new things, they will be safe. It’s also easy to clean up after your dog and can be wiped clean with ease!

Install a Sandbox

Does your dog have an insatiable need to dig despite your best efforts to stop them? It might be time for a sandbox. Give your dog their own designated digging area and let them have all the fun they want! We carry our very own sand and a wide range of timber so you can make your dog’s play area customised to your garden, meaning you don’t have to compromise your garden’s looks.

Border your flowers off

If your dogs can’t get enough of digging up your fresh soil or eating your fresh vegetables it might be time to add a border to keep them out. Garden borders can vary by size and desired look from log rolls to sleepers it all depends on your dog’s temper and, more importantly, the aesthetics of your garden. A garden border not only helps to keep animals away from your plant life, but it also makes it look much neater and can help to organise!

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How To: Lay Gravel Correctly

When it comes to gravel and aggregates here at eDecks, we have a wide range of different colours, textures and sizes. Whether your project is large or small, as a decorative area or for a pathway or seating area, we have information, tips and more to help you create your perfect gravelled area.

decorative gravel

Gravel is a popular option when re-decorating your garden, as it is cost-effective and an easy option that can help transform your garden. However, it is recommended that you consider the size of the stones to suit its requirements, whether it be for decorative purposes or it is to be used as a pathway. It is very important to ensure you prepare the area first, as aggregates can be difficult to keep clean and clear of leaves and weeds. eDecks recommend you mark out the section of land you wish to place the stones so you can get a good understanding of how much you require.


If you are using the gravel for a decorative area, you then have a wider option of which colours and styles you can use, as decorative gravel does not get disturbed as often and so you can have fine, medium or large gravel. If you are using gravel for a seating area or footpath, then it would be a good idea to opt for medium sized, as if it is too small/fine then it will move around too easily, yet if it is too large, then it may be difficult or uncomfortable to walk on.

decorative gravel 2

For footpaths and seating areas, it is advised that you dig down about 10cm and place a base of hardcore before laying around 50mm of gravel over the top. This will then help to prevent any gravel from moving and sinking under greater weight and movement. For decorative gravel areas, it can be much easier; simply scrape away the surface leaving it flat, place a weed suppressing membrane over the top to prevent weeds from breaking through the gravel, and then lay the gravel over the area to your requirements. Weed suppressing membrane does not prevent plant growth if you cut out the section you are wanting to use with a knife.

weed membrane

Once your gravel is laid, you may wish to add a finishing touch to complete the look, and to prevent it from moving. You could use something like a log roll, which is a cheap and easy option, or larger cobbles or bricks that can be cemented down to create a more permanent edging for your area.

log roll


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