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Fence Panels: Which Treatment is Best For Me?

Image: Ronseal

Know the difference, save time and work.

If you’ve been shopping around the internet for anything timber related during the various lockdowns be it sheds, fencing, decking or garden buildings you will have undoubtedly stumbled across the terms “pressure treated” or “dip treated” timber.

These treatments are an important factor when buying anything made from wood, the treatments offer varying levels of protection. Let’s take a look at the difference between the two methods and how each one benefits us.

The great news is both treatments protect against rot and decay. We pre-treat most of our fence panels right here before it reaches you, the customer.

Dip Treatment.

Dip treated fence panels have a golden brown appearance.

The method is exactly as the name suggests! Simply dipped into the treatment solution and left to dry. This gives the wood a brown/golden appearance and often results in a lower cost product.

The draw back to dip treatment? It doesn’t last as long and will need additional applications. This can be done at home with a brush/spray on solution.

Most people treat their fence/shed every year or every other year depending on weather conditions.

Before treating at home, make sure the surfaces are free from any algae, dirt or existing paint/stain. For best results from the treatment it must be used on bare wood.

Pressure treatment.

Pressure treated fence panels do not require additional applications.

If the thought of having to re-treat your timber products year after year makes you shudder at the very thought then pressure treated fence panels are the way to go!

When pressure treating timber after it’s been cut to size, It’s placed into a large tank which is sealed before the air is removed via a vacuum.

By removing the air & moisture within the timber, you are left with more space deep within it, and so after the air has been removed, the tank is flooded with a preservative.

Once the tank is full, the air is removed for a second time which forces the preservative deep into the grain of the timber. Pressure treatment is so deeply penetrated into the grain of the timber that reapplication is rarely needed and provide far more protection against rot and fungal decay.

The majority of our pressure treated fence panels come with a ten year guarantee against rot and fungal decay, meaning that the initial cost may be a little higher, but will save you time and money in the future.

So the simple answer is.

If you don’t mind the upkeep and are on a budget, dip treated fence panels are just fine.

If you would rather have panels that have been treated for a longer life before they even reach you then make sure you check that they have been pressure treated.

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