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Christmas information

We close down our sites at the end of the day on Wednesday the 22nd of December, our warehouses and delivery services will be closed down and our staff get time with their friends and family to reflect on the year. But don’t worry, we’ll be back on Tuesday the 4th of January at 7:30 am ready to help out with those new years resolution projects!

Placing an order with us

You can still order online on our website after the 22nd of December, but it won’t be scheduled for delivery until after we all return on the 4th of January. In the meantime, you can browse and get your wishlist ready! Summer will be here soon, so make sure you’re prepared.

Please also note that our customer services won’t be available on social media or through phone, but we will still have some posts going up for you to enjoy.

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Christmas 2018 With eDecks

Don't Slip Up

Christmas Essentials

With Christmas looming over our heads once again, it’s always best to prepare for it early. So we’ve put together a full list of our must-have Christmas items!

Rocksalt for Christmas

Ice and snow are the biggest causes for concern around this time of year. Rocksalt is designed to help prevent these things from becoming a problem, hence why it’s one of our best sellers. A lot of people still use hot water to melt the ice around there house & drive, not knowing that this is one of the main causes of black ice.


These shovels are designed to help move and lay out the Rocksalt. Even if you aren’t prepared to lay down Rocksalt before the snow falls, it’s always best to have a shovel to hand to make sure that you’re never unprepared. Clearing the snow on your drive is always vital during this time of year and these shovels make it remarkably easy to do so!

Grit/Rocksalt Bin

If you were looking for a storage place for the Rocksalt you were potentially going to store, we have the perfect one right here for you. We have different sizes of these bins to fit wherever needed in/outdoors for you.

Whatever you do this Christmas, just make sure that you’re prepared!

Happy Christmas, from the eDecks team.