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Ideas to Dress-Up Your Deck

Summer may be coming to an end but there’s still time to dress-up your deck for the autumn. You’ll be amazed at how a few quick changes can make a huge difference to the appearance of your deck.
Need some inspiration? Help is at hand with our top ideas for dressing-up your deck:


Hang Lovely Lanterns


Set the mood by hanging-up colourful lanterns! If you’re throwing a party, lanterns will create a festive atmosphere. Remember when it comes to lanterns, the brighter the better! If you’re throwing a party for kids, they’ll love choosing fun lanterns for their big day.


Rattan Furniture for Garden Parties


Rattan furniture is the ultimate decking accessory! Rattan furniture can transform your decking into a living space where you can entertain family and friends or simply relax outdoors on a dry afternoon. We recommend choosing a classic style that you can personalise with your own cushions, fun centrepieces or bright crockery. Did we mention that we have an excellent selection of high quality rattan furniture at low discounted prices?


Bring on the Bright Bunting


Bright bunting will instantly inject fun into your garden! Bunting is so simple to make, why not get crafty and have a shot at making your own. Traditional country fayre style bunting adds vintage fun into your decking or add a quirky touch by experimenting with bold prints and fun colours.


Try a Lattice Wall Garden

wall planter

Make your deck an extension of your garden by using a lattice climbing frame as a sturdy base for climbing plants. Attach yours to the adjoining wall of your deck and get creative with sweet smelling blooms or dramatic ivy, the choice is yours!


Add a Hot Centrepiece


Depending on what material your deck is constructed from, you could have this year’s hottest accessory (pun intended), a fire pit! Imagine being able to sit under the stars and chat long into the night because you’ve got a fire pit keeping you warm. Caution: give this a miss if you have a wooden deck!


Get Creative with Planters


Who says you need to stick to plant pots when you’re looking for planters? Be creative and look for ways you can re-purpose everyday items. A hollowed out log makes a great planter or, you could save old Wellington boots and give them a new lease of life.

How are you planning on decorating your deck? Leave a comment below with your top tips.


Our Pick of the Top Rattan Furniture Designs

Is your outdoors space going to waste? Make the most of your garden this summer with a rattan furniture set. Outdoors future can instantly transform your garden into an inviting space for family and friends to enjoy. You’ll no longer need to have dinner indoors when the sun is shining or, hunt for a blanket to lie down on when you want to unwind in the sun. With garden furniture your outdoors space will get a new lease of life!

To inspire you this summer, here’s our pick of the best rattan furniture designs:


Classic Roma 4 Seater Dining Set


The Classis Roma 4 Seater Dining Set is one of our most elegant designs. On a warm summer’s day this set is perfect for enjoying breakfast in the sun. Imaging sinking into a comfortable chair and watching the world go by.
While this timeless set will look stunning in the courtyard of a large country cottage garden, it will look equality as at home on a wooden deck in a smaller modern garden.


Classic Napoli 8 Seater Dining Set


Napoli rattan furniture sets are a modern classic! The simple lines and inviting sofa design on the Classic Napoli 8 Seater Dining Set will ensure that your furniture set never goes out of style. Simply add this set to your garden to instantly create a space for intimate family gatherings or somewhere to kick back and have a drink with friends. The simple design gives you the freedom to personalise your rattan garden get as your choose. We’re big fans of adding colourful cushions or bright crockery sets to bring your rattan to life.
This style of rattan furniture is more compact than most other types, making it ideal for smaller gardens as well as garden decking.


Classic Roma 8 Chair Dining Set


When you have a Classic 8 Chair Classic Roma Set you can make the most of a sunny day by throwing a large get-together like a relaxed BBQ, a fun garden party or a spontaneous al fresco dinner party. If you regularly host summer parties, our top tip is to string fairy lights to the surrounding trees to create a festive atmosphere when the sun goes down.
Since this pretty set makes an excellent focal point in your garden, we recommend placing it in a natural beauty spot to draw attention to the best parts of your garden.

Ledbury 9 Piece Rattan Cube Set


Last but not least, is the Ledbury 9 Piece Rattan Cube Set. Over the summer, this set will co-ordinate seamlessly with your existing garden décor and during the winter (and most of the summer), you can bring it inside where it will look fantastic in your conservatory.
The hidden storage in the cubes makes this set a particularly popular choice amongst parents with young children. The storage cubes are perfect for quickly clearing away and storing children’s outdoors toys and games.


Why Choose Rattan Furniture Sets from eDecks?

At eDecks we love rattan furniture sets and we want you to love yours too, what’s why we only stock exceptionally high quality sets that are both stylish and practical.
So what goes into a rattan set from eDecks? For starters, we only use premium synthetic rattan that’s manufactured from a blend of four tones to ensure that it has a natural appearance. We’ve chosen to use synthetic rattan because it’s highly resistant to the elements and as a result, has a longer lifespan than natural rattan. Our high quality synthetic rattan will allow you to cut down on the time you spend maintaining your furniture and give you more time to actually enjoy your garden.
We also use tampered glass for all of our tables to ensure that it’s strong enough to be resilient to everyday use as well as weather resistant.

If you’ve been inspired to buy one of our top rattan furniture designs, it could be yours for less than you might expect. Browse online today to discover our fantastic discounts on rattan furniture for yourself.

Small Garden Tips: 4 Ideas for Vertical Gardens at Home

Vertical gardens or wall gardens, are perfect for small garden owners who want to brighten up their small garden. Vertical gardens are easy to build and they allow you to use every inch of available space in your garden to grow beautiful blooms. Looking for some inspiration? You’re in luck! If you want to create your own vertical garden at home, try one of these stunning ideas:


1. Try Fan Trellis

If your garden is especially small, the compact fan trellis will give you maximum impact using minimum space. Adding a fan trellis will instantly transform your home into a country cottage even if the closest thing you have to the countryside is a tree at the end of the road! Add one to either side of your door to create a welcoming entrance for friends and family.

When you buy your fan trellis from eDecks, it will be manufactured from pressure treated timber that’s resistant to rot and decay to ensure your trellis will look great all year round.


2. Transform Trellis Fencing

It may look like ordinary trellis fencing but secure it to the side of your house, add a few climbing plants and it’s transformed into a cheap and easy DIY vertical garden!

An advantage of using trellis fencing to create a vertical garden is that it comes in a range of styles, prices and sizes; whether you’re on a tight budget or you’re splashing out on a full garden makeover, you can find the trellis fencing you need at a price you love especially when you shop online at eDecks.


3. Make Your Own Wire Frame

Feeling crafty? Why not create your own DIY wall garden? If you’re ordering your timber from eDecks, tell us what sizes you need and we’ll make sure that it’s pre-cut to size to save you time and effort.

To make a wire frame for a vertical garden, all you need is:

When you’re ready to start your vertical garden DIY project, follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Mark on the timber where you want to join the planks together.
  2. Pre-drill the holes for the nails before you insert the nails to prevent the timber splitting.
  3. Nail the planks together to build a sturdy frame for your wall garden.
  4. Add an optional protective coat of timber treatment to your frame.
  5. Once your frame has dried, stretch the wire mesh across the wooden frame and secure in place with the galvanised staples.

Now you’ve built your DIY vertical garden you can use it as a frame for climbing plants or as a space to hang potted plants from.


4. Try a Fun Ladder Planter

How about this quirky idea for a vertical garden? A vertical ladder planter! If you have an old wooden ladder lying around give it a new lease of life by transforming it into a vertical planter.

All you need to do is sand the timber and add a bright coat of paint or a classic timber stain. If you want you can make shelves by adding plywood (or thicker timber planks if you’ll need sturdier shelves) across the steps. We recommend nailing these in place to prevent your shelves from blowing away during the winter.

Once your decorative ladder planter is ready to go, add bright potted plants on the shelves or use the higher shelves as a ledge for hanging plants.


When can’t wait to see which of our vertical garden design ideas you use! Post your pictures onto our Facebook account today.


If you’re planning a vertical garden DIY project, visit eDecks today to find all the supplies you need at great discounted prices when you shop online.