How to Extend the Life of Your Plants in Winter

Have you been wishing that there was a way to extend the lifespan of your late blooming plants? You’re in luck! If you don’t want to leave the last of your summer blooms to the mercy of the elements, there’s a few simple tricks you can do to protect your plants from the harsh autumn climate.


Bring them Inside

If you can, move your potted plants inside and re-pot any remaining plants from your hanging baskets so you can bring them in from the cold. The golden rule when you’re rehoming your plants inside is to place them in a room with windows so they can still get lots of sunlight and, don’t place them too close to any heaters! Too much heat is just as bad as not enough as central heating can quickly dry out your poor plants if you’re not careful.


Use a Greenhouse Heater

Most greenhouse gardeners will call it a day once the days get colder and the nights get longer however, some dedicated gardeners refuse to let the seasons dictate when they can use their greenhouses. What’s their secret? They invested in a greenhouse heater. Add one to your greenhouse to turn it into a tropical paradise for the last of your summer flowers. As an added bonus, with a greenhouse heater you’ll be able to grow your own vegetables for Christmas dinner.


Tuck them in at Night

Protect your plants from the frosty autumn nights by using a light covering to keep them warm when the temperatures plummet. If you’re worried about damaging the delicate leaves or petals, use bamboo canes to construct a frame to drape the covering over. Most garden centres stock covers but if you have a spare sheet or a fleece lined blanket lying around the house, you can save some money by using that instead.


Prevent Saplings Becoming Lunch

When the winter sets in and it becomes difficult for wild rabbits to find food, the soft bark on your recently planted saplings will begin to look pretty tasty to passing wildlife. Prevent your young trees becoming the dish of the day by constructing a protective guard made from galvanised chicken wire around the base of your saplings. Make sure you install it as close to the young tree as possible and set it deep enough into the ground so it can’t be knocked over by gusts of wind.


Build a Cold Box

If you’ve been growing vegetables that can’t be moved but still aren’t quite past their best, why not build a protective cold box to keep them warm on frosty days? Cold boxes are available in most garden centres but if you’re a dab hand at DIY, it should be no problem to construct your own. Just use planed timber and galvanised nails to construct a box frame and top it off with a lid made from a pane of glass or a sheet of hard plastic.


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