The Complete Guide to Pergolas: All Your Questions Answered

This month we’re getting involved in everything ‘Pergola’ – why should you get a pergola? What are they used for? Where can you buy them? Are they hard to install?

Well, sit tight because today we’re bringing you all the answers to your questions on pergolas!

What is a pergola for?

Pergolas are beautiful garden structures, sometimes found on decking, sometimes patios and sometimes are built directly onto a lawn.

They are great for:

  • Providing shade and a little protection from the elements
  • Adding an elegant design feature to your garden that attracts the eye
  • Creating a more relaxing dining or reading space
  • Providing a frame for vining plants to grow over (we love Honeysuckle and Wisteria which provide extra shade and smell wonderful)
  • Creating a car port with a bit of protection
  • Adding a pergola walkway as a feature
  • Adding extra privacy to your outdoor space – especially great for hot tubs!
  • Creating a structure for lights, heaters or fans to be added so you can enjoy your space for longer on hot or cold evenings

Sound great? We think so too!

Why buy a pergola?

Alongside all the great benefits listed above that pergolas offer, they are an excellent investment if you ultimately want to spend more time in your outside space. Most people would agree that they look attractive and if you create an inviting space underneath (with a deck or patio and furniture) you will find that your outdoor space starts to feel like more of an extension of your home.

Not only can you add creature comforts to make your garden more enjoyable – such as heaters, fans and lights – it can even increase the saleability of your home by making your garden a bit more inviting than your neighbours.

It’s also a surprisingly affordable upgrade (they start at just £89!).

Which way should my pergola face?

If you want your pergola to offer maximum shade for the majority of the day, we would recommend running the rafters from north to south. Other than midday, when the sun is directly overhead, this should offer the most shade for the longest parts of the day.

If you’re placing your pergola next to your home, bear in mind where your windows are; a pergola will likely shade any window below it from the sun for at least part of the day. If you prefer to bring more light into your room, it might be a better idea to go for a smaller pergola that doesn’t cover your window or to buy one that primarily opens out onto the garden rather extending too far along the side of your house.

Consider the direction the sun travels over your home during the day and whether facing the rafters a different way may offer less or more shade.

If you’d like extra protection from the elements, you can also consider building your pergola closer to trees or fences – which offer extra privacy as a bonus too.

You can also attach a hessian coverto the pergola for a bit more natural protection the sun and very light showers – with the added benefit that they look great too!

What are my design options with a pergola?

There are several options when it comes to the pergola designs – from modern to rustic, and straight, curves or angles, so you are bound to find one that suits your style.

There are even beautiful circular flower walks or shaded car ports– they have an incredible amount of design functions and looks.

Should I buy a pergola kit or custom build?

If you custom build a pergola you have the freedom to draw out your plans and design your pergola exactly as you want. The only major drawback is the planning and difficulty – if you’re a particularly keen DIYer though, it’s certainly not the hardest home project.

If you’re not the handiest however, but you have a really specific idea in mind, you can always call in a contractor to offer some help.

(PRO Tip: Remember that sourcing your own materials can save you a lot of money on any quote – ask your contractor and see if this is an option).

Often the most popular option is to buy a kit – they’re ready to go, they come with everything you need (except tools!) and have already been cut and measured out for you. Not only do they come in a variety of designs, you can even get them complete with decking and fencing if you like!

How much do pergolas cost?

Pergolas vary a lot in price depending on what you’re looking for – from basic kits that start at £89, up to larger kits with decking and handrails that start at £312, pergolas certainly don’t have to break the bank.

There are large kits that can run up to £1000+, but it very much depends on the features you would like and size of pergola.

If you’re building a pergola from scratch, rafters start at £7.59 per metre and posts from £10.24 per metre.

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