What to Do in the Garden in February


After a harsh winter, gardeners can breathe a sigh of relief now February is here and there are finally signs of spring approaching. As your garden begins to thaw, there’s a lot you can do to prepare your garden for spring. If you want a gorgeous garden, follow our top gardening tips for February.


In the Flower Garden

  • Plant hardy annuals to provide colour until your spring bulbs begin to blossom
  • Encourage Dhalia tubers that were stored during the winter to grow by placing them in a light, warm spot
  • Protect budding flowers in your rockery from the last of the winter frost by covering them with a sheet of Perspex or glass
  • Add a fertiliser to your flower beds at the end of the month to provide nourishment for emerging perennials
  • Look out for signs of rot on budding perennials and remove any offending foliage to prevent the spread of disease
  • Check for common garden pests such as mice and slugs hiding in your winter cold box and use pest control methods if necessary


Vegetable Garden Tips

  • Sow vegetable seeds once the climate becomes milder.
  • Protect your vegetable patch from the cold February nights using a light polythene cover-up


February Lawn Care

  • Make the most of dry spells by re-shaping your lawn edging to save you work later on in the spring season
  • When the weather gets warmer towards the end of the month you may need to mow the lawn to keep you garden looking tidy
  • If you’re turf has been damaged over the winter prepare the seed beds for planning lawn seed


Garden Structures

  • Remove any built up snow from your green house to prevent damage to the glass panes
  • If you get a break from the rain, take some time to clean and rubdown your timber structures like pergolas or decking and treat them to coat of protective wood preservative.
  • Check your decking for damage and order replacement decking boards if necessary
  • Algae and moss can build up on your garden paths as the temperature rises. Take action by removing any build up before your paths become slippery
  • If you plan on installing any other garden structures, order these now so you have plenty of time to assemble them during the spring months.


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photo credit: roseannadana via photopin cc

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