Roof Tile Alternatives: 5 Ways to Get Tile WITHOUT the Price Tag!

In the UK roof tiles are traditionally made from either concrete, slate, clay or stone. However, you don’t need to go for the traditional materials to get your dream tiled roof. There are much more affordable options we layout here to get the tiled roof you’ve always wanted while cutting costs on your project.

You heard us right – you don’t need to compromise on your tiled roof to cut costs!


Metrotiles look exactly like traditional roofing tiles and come in an array of choices – from slate to shingle, terracotta and even wood looks – but there is something different about them.

They’re steel tile strips.

These are not corrugated metal sheets, but rather are steel strips pressed into tile shaped strip moulds and then covered in mineral-filled state-of-the-art coating including real stone granules. There are a huge variety of options when it comes to shape and colour, and these are an extremely lightweight, long-lasting alternative to traditional tile. Most tile roofs claim to last around 50 years – and Metrotile can stand up to the competition – they offer a manufacturing guarantee on every tile for 40 years.

While you may have never considered a metal roof, metro tiles offer affordability, not only on the product but also the installation and look exactly like real roofing tile.

If you’re a confident DIYer, you may even be able to install the roofing yourself. It takes much less time to install because the strips are premade (roughly 7-9 “tiles” are installed per strip), and they are incredibly light. These strips are more forgiving when it comes to cutting to the size you need, and you will find it easier to achieve a uniform, neat looking roof due to the nature of the strips than you might with a tiled roof.

So if you’re looking for an affordable option that will reduce costs as well as time for installation – Metrotile might be your perfect option!


Coroshingles are another roofing tile strip, this time made from felt. They are incredibly easy to install – possibly the easiest on this list – and have a beautiful neat finish so look particularly impressive on modern buildings.

They come in multiple colour choices and feature an interlocking system, making installation possible by amateur DIYers. They can be ordered in strips or rolls as the felt is a softer material than tile. Because they can be rolled out, you can install Coroshingles faster than any other roofing material on this list.

They have a manufacturer guarantee for ten years, so although they may not last as long as some other options from this list, they certainly are a lasting, affordable option for most projects.

Onduvilla Bitumen Roofing Tiles

Onduvilla bitumen roofing tiles again come in strips of tile, meaning they offer a beautiful uniform finish and are quick and easy to install. Onduvilla strips are a little more hardwearing and sturdy than Coroshingles and have a manufacturer guarantee of 15 years, although we believe they should last longer than that.

They come in some beautiful designs that imitate both slate and stone roofing tiles very well. People have used Onduvilla to roof their homes due to the high-quality bitumen and close aesthetic to real tile. You not only can save costs on the roofing material with Onduvilla but a tremendous amount in installation as it is much faster and easier to install than traditional tile.

Western Red Cedar Tiles

If you’re looking for a natural roofing tile, you might want to consider a cedar wood roofing tile.

It’s an unusual option that many people overlook, but wooden roofing can give an added boost to the aesthetic of your home.

Other than their aesthetic appeal, there are some significant advantages to cedar wood roofing tiles. It’s an incredibly lightweight option and is very eco-friendly. It has also proven to have some impressive insulating qualities which can be a significant advantage in our colder months.

Just like traditional tile, cedar roofing can last up to 50 years too, so you don’t need to worry about reroofing costs any time soon – as long as you fix any repairs required with urgency. The most significant vulnerability with a cedar roof if moisture gets into the shingles. Luckily they are very resistant and hardwearing, often faring better in stormy weather than other roofing options. Still, they do need repairing quickly if you notice any cracks and moisture getting into the core of the shingles can spread rot.

They have a considerable impact on energy costs – helping keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter, you’ll definitely notice your bills lowering with cedar shingles as well as a more comfortable home.

Many people love the colour change of cedar that happens over the years – from a bright light red colour through to a deep grey, the cedar will react to weather over time, and the colour change can be spectacular to watch. This is undoubtedly a roof tile that can increase your homes curb appeal!

Mixing These Alternatives With Real Tile

Another way to reduce your roofing costs while getting the tile effect you’re looking for is to combine two types of roofing.

You could choose a Metrotile or Onduvilla roofing tile on the back side of your roof while using real tile on the front. This way, you can cut costs on materials and installation costs (at least on the side of the roof that isn’t often seen), while retaining the curb appeal of real tiles from the street-facing side.

Need More Help Choosing Your Roofing Materials?

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