Garage Roofing Options: The Garage Roof Materials Guide

Whether you’ve hit a leak and want to replace your current garage roof, or you are setting out to build an entirely new garage – we know it’s vital that you understand all of your garage roofing options.

In this short guide, we hope to help you understand all of your garage roofing options, so you choose the perfect material that fits both your major requirements and budget.

Garage Roofing Options: Different Styles of Roofing Material

Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated sheets are a popular choice in the UK for any outdoor building. This is simply because it can be cheaper to buy large sheets of roofing materials rather than small tiles, but also because the corrugated design creates channels that encourage water to flow off the roof, which is a huge benefit when outdoor buildings in the UK have to withstand rain many days of the year.

These sheets are most commonly made from galvanised steel for its strength and longevity, but new materials are now available in corrugated sheets so you can get the benefits of the water channels with a more modern look, that may be a bit quieter than the traditional steel sheets.

They now come in Coroline and Onduline options (which we’ll explain further later) as a well as clear PVC. The new variety of materials opens doors to mix and match and even add transparent panelling to let in light through sections of your garage roof.

Roofing Sheets

One of the most popular garage roofing options is the flat roofing sheet. These sheets don’t offer the same design as corrugated sheets, so some flat sheet materials are more highly recommended than others depending on how much waterproofing you require and how steep the pitch of your roof is. After all, you don’t want any leaks in your new garage roof!

A major benefit of flat roofing sheets is that, whether you choose a rubber option for super waterproofing or a more attractive felt option, you can take sheets and literally melt them together to form a single well-bonded roof material. The major advantage of this is that the sheets become incredibly waterproof for many years as they act as a single piece of waterproof covering over your entire roof.

Tiles, Shingles & Shakes

You can also buy tiles, shingles or shakes as a garage roofing material. The major benefit is that the finished roof can look more attractive and tie in well with your own home’s roof. Tile will usually last longer than some materials like Coroline and Onduline, although these options do tend to last up to 30 years and are far more affordable.

Tiles do require more skill to install than sheets, but luckily there are some very simple options that can give you a full tile appearance without having to install clay tiles. Lightweight roofing sheets have options that come in strips of steel tiles that can then be easily layered onto each other so you can benefit from the major perks of roof sheeting without losing the beautiful tile design.

If you are keen to have individual shingles and shakes for your garage roof, there are plenty of options to choose from, with a range of woods on offer and even strips of felt cut to single shingles.

Garage Roofing Options: Pros and Cons of Different Materials

Coroline and Onduline

Coroline and Onduline are a form of bitumen roofing, which is a synthetic material which is usually melted together at the seams to form an impenetrable waterproof roofing sheet. Coroline and Onduline are at the forefront of bitumen roofing; allowing the excellent properties of the waterproof shield over your garage, while reducing the less desirable features bitumen roofing used to be known for, which included overheating the room below.

They also come in many forms, not just simple flat sheets – including shingles and corrugated sheets.

PVC & Polycarbonate

PVC and Polycarbonate roofing allows a lot of light into your garage. If you’re looking for your garage space to be light and airy, but you don’t want to fork out for a window, it’s the perfect option. Not only does the honeycomb structure of this sheeting allow a significant amount of light into your garage, but it also acts as an excellent insulator with multiple layers of air pockets working to hold heat in your garage.


Wood shingles and shakes are one of the most attractive options and can last a long time if well cared for. Although a little trickier to install than a sheet roof, they also have some significant benefits – adding a great amount of insulation to the garage as well as reducing your carbon footprint. If you’re unsure about whether or not you can install these yourself, you can always download a handy instructional guide for any of our products on our website – just look to the right-hand side of any product page.

Galvanised Steel

Galvanised steel has come a long way – not only is it an affordable option that will last a great deal of time, you can even get roofing materials made from steel created to look like real clay tiles. The tile and corrugated options are incredible if you have a low pitch roof, as the shape is designed to encourage water to drain off.


Rubber roofing is a great option, especially if you have a flat roof. Flat roofs are particularly prone to drainage problems, and as such, having an entirely waterproof membrane over your garage will help to keep your garage free from leaks for a very long time.

Garage Roofing Options: The Conclusion

There are plenty of garage roof materials you can choose from, but ultimately, the most important thing to consider are the needs you have for your garage roof – including waterproofing, appearance, light and heat insulation. Once you know your base priorities, we hope you’ll be able to easily tell from this guide which roofing material is right for your garage.

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