Fake Grass vs Real Grass: Which is better?

Fake grass (aka artificial grass) is fast becoming a popular option for both front and back gardens in the UK. In this article, we’re going to explore which is better – fake grass or real?

Fake grass was originally engineered to replace real turf for use in sports, and as such, boasts major features that real grass can’t:

  • no maintenance
  • no reseeding
  • no need for irrigation
  • no mending muddy patches
  • no lawn mowing
  • very hardwearing
  • looks bright and green all year long

Fake Grass vs Real Grass Aesthetics

In the beginning, it remained only popularly used on sports pitches, likely because it was an expensive new technology and didn’t quite have the same aesthetic as a ‘real lawn’ can give you. However, in recent years artificial grass has become more “lifelike” in the way it looks and as such has become far more popularly used in gardens.

New designs mean that rather than a single green colour throughout the grass, they now come with multi-tonal blade colour options which mimic real grass astonishingly well. They also come with different ‘pile lengths’ so you can have a short, “freshly cut” look lawn or a longer, “natural look” lawn.

You can now be extra picky with the exact colour lawn you’d like for your garden too, rather than worrying about which grass type might grow well in a particular part of your garden. With free artificial grass samples, you don’t have to guess from a photo online either – you can really see the colours in situ before you buy.

Because artificial grass now has so many great looking options, it is fast replacing real grass in popularity – it looks neat, never has patches, gets boggy or full of weeds.

You might even have some neighbours with an artificial lawn already and not realise it!

Fake Grass vs Real Grass Care

A huge reason people now opt for fake grass is simply low maintenance.

You can throw away your lawn mower, stop worrying about watering your lawn and fixing patches and simply enjoy your beautiful, perfectly green garden 365 days a year.

As you may well know, upkeep of a real lawn can be a nightmare – you can get weeds, your lawn can dry out and die (often in patches), you may need to reseed areas (especially if you own pets) and if you live in an area where there’s not quite enough sun, or too much water, you can face a whole host of problems with grass dying back and muddy patches left in their place. Fake grass simply takes away all the hassle and leaves you with a great looking, clean lawn.

Fake Grass vs Real Grass Use

Some people prefer the feel of real grass but, surprisingly, fake grass can actually be the softer option. It’s manufactured using a similar method to carpeting and the different thread types make it very soft underfoot.

If you’d like a luxury extra, you can even get a soft, bouncy underlay which makes your grass feel incredible to walk on. Most artificial grasses already come designed with some lower ‘brown’ threads that mimic the softness of grass really well, so the underlay isn’t entirely necessary – but it does feel great!

Although fake grass doesn’t have that freshly cut grass scent, it is kinder to hayfever sufferers which means everyone can lay out on the lawn without coming up in a rash.

Artificial grass boasts excellent drainage too so if you have pets it’s the perfect option. If you love your house to be spotless you can even wash your fake grass if you like!

As it was initially created for use with sports, fake grass often stands up better to hard wear and tear than a natural lawn, so if you use yours for sports, or have kids playing on it a lot, it might be your best chance at keeping a beautiful lawn year-round.

Overall, we think artificial grass is the best option – it is far more economical in the long run, with much less maintenance and, let’s face it, zero stress. The only thing fake grass can’t give you is that freshly cut grass smell – but we certainly feel never having to mow, patch or water again far outweighs that drawback!

Which artificial grass should you buy?

If you’ve got your heart set on a new fake grass lawn, you’ll be glad to know there are many options you can choose from. However, if you find that the options become a bit overwhelming, you can get some quick tips and guidance before you buy with our guide to help you choose which artificial grass is right for you.

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