Gazebos and Pergolas: The Ultimate Garden Upgrade for 2020

You’ve seen them in the most beautiful places, from botanical gardens to luxury holiday resorts, gazebos and pergolas stand out as a high-end design feature only found in the most eclectic of open spaces.

And now you can have that same luxury design feature without the “high end” price tag!

Here at eDecks we have pergolas of all kinds, including kits that come along with decking – you can read all about our pergolas here.

Not only that, we now have Gazebos on offer, with full gazebo kits starting at just £279.99!

With all that in mind, here’s why we think it’s going to be the big garden trend for 2020.

We all need a little shade

Let’s face it – in the past few years, we have experienced some intensely hot summers. Although it’s been wonderful to see the sun shining more often, the heat also has the bad habit of sapping your energy – fast.

With 2020 set to be another record-breaker for hot climates, now is the perfect time to start getting your garden prepared.

The best way to enjoy the beautiful summers for longer is to get a little respite from it all, and we think pergolas and gazebos are the perfect solution. After all, it’s a shame to waste the summer staying indoors in air-conditioned spaces if you don’t have to.

With the obvious shade advantage and the ability to attach further cooling devices like fans, it’s an elegant and practical solution to our heat waves!

They keep us in holiday “relax mode”

Gazebos and pergolas are so often associated with high-end resorts and 5-star hotels and spas that when we see them, we click into “holiday relax mode”. With that little extra protection from the elements, and the often beautiful flowers and plants that are grown around these structures, it’s hard not to feel the weight of the world leave you when you take a moment to read or relax underneath.

Putting a seated area underneath makes the area a little quiet escape perfect for putting your feet up and enjoying the sound of the world around you from bird song to gentle breezes.

They offer a stable construction for extras

As we’ve mentioned earlier – heatwaves are something to be contended with, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to stop any time soon. Gazebos and pergolas offer a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors for longer in the stifling heat as you can use the structures to attach cooling gadgets like fans to help make that midday sun more bearable.

If you also find you are avoiding the outdoors in the chilly winter months, you can start using your garden far more often by installing outdoor heaters, easily attached to our pergolas and gazebos.

You can also easily add solar lighting which means you can sit outside enjoying dinner or drinks with friends, well into the evening in complete comfort.

They have a stunning aesthetic

There’s a good reason why so many high-end outdoor spaces have gazebos and pergolas – they draw the eye to a natural point in any space and offer ‘structure’ to your garden’s design. Most lines in a garden are hardly straight because of plant life, so structures like these draw the eye to a less chaotic point. The lack of ‘chaos’ makes them the perfect place for relaxing in your space.

They are (finally!) affordable

Unlike their common settings, in high-end, luxury resorts, pergolas and gazebos no longer have to run into the thousands – you can pick up your own kit and easily build one yourself from just £279.99!

With everything measured out for you, and such a low price tag, it’s easier than ever to add one of these stunning structures to your outdoor space – so what’s holding you back?

Want to get the best deal on your new pergola or gazebo?

If you want a great price on your new pergola or gazebo make sure you check out our latest offers on eDecks. We have easy to assemble Pergola kits with decking starting at just £312.45, gazebos kits starting at just £279.99, and completely free delivery for both for most of the UK!

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