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Get More Out of a Garden with Decking

We all love enjoying our garden; whether you’ve got kids that think it’s a football pitch, it’s the cat’s territory or it is planted up as your pride and joy, we all work hard on our gardens so we can have something to enjoy. Having just a lawn (or maybe an artificial lawn) can be great, but many of us could get even more out of our backyard by installing a garden with decking.

What Does Decking Do?

Decking can add beauty and functionality to a garden, and is infinitely more customisable than most people realise. Our decking range offers you almost every choice – from colour to timber type (and being a family business, we know price matters too) – so you can get decking that will fit beautifully with the rest of your garden. Having a raised decking area can help to make your garden feel bigger, and since you can make it either angular or with curves, it can really bring a new dimension to your garden.

Beauty is all well and good, but for most it is the practicality that makes decking so great. Most of us have had the corners of garden furniture sink into the grass, a barbecue down the far end of the garden so it’s level, or the garden table that starts rocking slightly when you start to eat. A garden with decking faces none of these issues as it has the sturdy, level decking exactly where you need it to be, and as an added bonus no chair leg will sink into it if you lean too far back!

A Room Outside

The long, lazy summer months are the ideal time for using decking. If you spend all day inside at work, then having a deck will mean you suddenly have an entire extra room to use. Whether it means the family can sit outside to have dinner or gives you a place to relax for a little while with the paper, having part of the garden that feels like an extra room in the house is a glorious way to spend the summer.

‘I Don’t Have the Space for a Garden with Decking!”

We hear this all the time, but actually for most people this simply isn’t true. Decking can work well in gardens of most shapes and sizes, and can often – if well designed – make better use of the space you have.

Hopefully this will help you (or perhaps a reluctant partner!) realise just how amazing garden with decking can be. If you are not yet quite sure what kind, colour, or size of decking you want, take a look at our range or look at our Decking Samples, so you can see for yourself the quality we offer.

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