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3 Basics You Need for a Stunning Rooftop Garden

Ever look around your city surroundings and think how good it’d be to get back to nature. If you’ve got the opportunity to build your own DIY rooftop garden, it’s the perfect way to carve your own green haven amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

When you look at rooftop garden designs you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create a stunning outdoors space where you can kick back and relax during warm, sunny weekends. To help you get started, here’s the three basic item you need to create a stunning rooftop garden.

Pretty Planters


Since it’s not advisable to cover your entire rooftop in soil, invest in pretty planters which you can fill with your beautiful blooms. Planters are the foundation of your rooftop garden and can be easily customised to suit your style. Bright paint and patterns are ideal for injecting some fun into your garden or, if you’re planning on planting bright, bold blooms use wooden planters to let your blooms take centre stage.

When you’re filling your planters with blooms make sure you leave enough space for your plants to expand and bloom – you don’t want the poor things jostling for space!

wall planter

If you’re working with a small space, make the most of your walls by adding a planter with a trellis to provide a sturdy frame for climbing plants such as climbing roses or ivy.

Our Rosa Planter is perfect for getting the most out of your limited space for growing plants and it has been pressure treated so it’s resident to rot and mould.

Eco-Friendly Water Butts

water butt

Ok, they’re not the most attractive or exciting things to have in your garden but when you don’t have to haul water up to your rooftop you’ll be thankful for having a water butt. These handy containers save and store rainwater – something we’re not short of in Britain, which can be used to for watering plants. Using rainwater on your garden is also much better for the environment and since eDecks’ water butts are manufactured from 75% recycled material, they’re perfect for eco-conscious gardeners.

The compact design of eDecks’ slim line water butts means that they won’t take up too much of your valuable growing space and they can be discreetly tucked away in the corner.

Be Prepared with a Windbreak


At eDecks we’re always optimistic about the summer but savvy gardeners should be prepared for all kinds of weather to strike. Due to the higher altitude and lack of shelter, Rooftop gardens can be vulnerable to high winds so it’s worth investing in a sturdy windbreak to protect your blooms from the elements.

You can easily make your own by fixing bamboo canes in the soil around the edges of your planters and stretching a durable sheet of polythene across the poles. Alternatively, eDecks’ Frost Cover makes an excellent windbreak once the colder autumn months set in.
Now you know the basics, tell us about your plans for your rooftop garden design.

No matter how big or small your garden is, you can find everything you need to create your own slice of paradise online at eDecks.

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Need to Know Driveway Design Tips

Your garden has is all: manicured lawns, pristine decking, beautiful blooms and stylish garden furniture. You’ve got it all, or do you? There’s no point spending hours creating a garden that’s fit for Versailles just to be let down by a make-do driveway. Your driveway is the first thing that greets your guests when they arrive at your home so make sure it’s as inviting as the rest of your home with our favourite tips for driveway designs.


Use Log Rolls as Driveway Edging

log edging

Simple, practical and stylish; just add log roll edging along the length of your driveway to give it an instant facelift.

The beauty of using log rolls is that they’re flexible enough to be used on any shape or length of driveway – perfect for those who want maximum impact with minimum effort. If you’re struggling with uneven driveway edges or unruly lawn encroaching on your drive, log edging is the perfect low maintenance way to smarten up the entrance to your home.

Paint yours in pastel colours to inject some fun into your garden or, add a natural wood stain if you want your edging to blend in seamlessly to the existing décor.

At eDecks we don’t like to brag but, all of our log roll edging is manufactured from FSC timber and has been pressure treated so it’s resistant from insect damage and rot. Ok, we like to brag a bit…


Are You Bricking it?

wall drive


Ahh the humble brick – one item, so many uses!

Line your drive way with a low brick wall to create a modern entrance into your home (cat optional). If you’ve created a rustic county cottage garden, use old style bricks to give your driveway a stylishly rustic appearance. For extra style points, use your feature brick wall as a sturdy base for climbing plants like climbing rose or ivy.

If your driveway is crying out for resurfacing use different coloured bricks to create a pattern that leads guests up your drive and into your home.


Inviting Driveway Lights

driveway lights

Great your guests with the welcoming glow of driveway lights! On cold winter nights or on shady summer evenings, driveway lights are a pretty touch that’ll make the neighbours wish they’d thought of adding them first! As an added bonus driveway lights will instantly make your garden safer if you have to venture out after dark.

Install ground lights for a soft glow, give your garden a vintage twist by adding miniature light posts along the length of your drive or use sleek modern ground lights in front of your house to create an inviting entrance even on gloomy wintery days.


Driveway Gates

driveway gate

In one simple step you can add the finishing touch to your driveway, increase security in your garden and stop your neighbour’s pesky dog leaving presents on your lawn! The only downside is having to choose between styles.

A driveway gate is a fast way to give the whole entrance into your home a lift and it’ll set the tone for the rest of your garden décor. Wooden driveway gates will compliment most garden styles and can be easily customised using timber stains or colourful paint.

To ensure your driveway gate is top quality, we’ve assembled all of our gates by hand and used pressure treated timber that can withstand the temperamental British climate.


Now that you know our top driveway design tips, what’s stopping you from creating the driveway that your home deserves? Find all the supplies you need to transform your drive online at eDecks.